I cannot connect to Sonos any longer, what suggestions?

  • 22 October 2019
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I have (8) ZonePlayer 100’s.

System stopped working and says ‘exisitng system not found’.

So far, I have;

  1. turned the wifi off and then back on
  2. turned the router off and then back on
  3. after those did not solve anything, I removed the app and reinstalled the app on my phone
  4. All I get is the ‘existing system not found”

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3 replies

I think you need to adjust the order in which you are doing things, in order to get a full refresh of your LAN. However, there may also be a change in a virus protection, firewall, or VPN program, too.

First, unplug all of the Sonos devices from power. Also, power down your phone. While everything is unplugged or powered off, reboot your router. Once the router comes back up, turn on your phone and plug back in your speakers.  Before testing the Sonos, check to see if there is an update for your router. Double check that there isn’t a firewall update that has run in the background that is blocking access from your phone to the speakers. Finally, check to ensure your phone is connecting to your routers 2.4Ghz channel, and test the Sonos app again.


I followed your directions exactly and the app cannot find my system, although the system is on and was working beautifully for 18 months since we purchased the house (with the system already installed.)

Does Sonos even support the ZonePlayer ZP100’s any longer?


Ok, another question ( and it’s odd, I have a friend in the exact situation as you, with some ZP100s he can’t “find” in his new home ). Yes, Sonos supports all devices they’ve ever made except for the CR100 (a controller) and the Dock (for connecting 30 pin connector iPods )

Do you have a Sonos device wired directly wired to your router? Perhaps a Sonos BRIDGE? If so, try unplugging the BRIDGE completely, and connect an Ethernet cable to one of the ZP100s. In fact, even if you don’t gave a BRIDGE, wire a unit. If you have one already wired, try a different port at both ends of the Ethernet cable, and a different cable. While rare, both the port and the cable are possible failure points.

Has anything changed in you LAN, such as a new router, changing to 5Ghz, new firewall?