I am experincing dead spots with my CR200 controller.

  • 18 February 2014
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I have dead spots at the bottom and obviously am not able to access certain functions. I have contacted sonos support and their solution is to send the controller in and they will send me a refurbished controller at a reduced cost because my warranty has expired.  I don't have the money to keep replacing controllers.  Resets don't work neither does removing the battery?

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3 replies

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Hi Dave,

Sorry to hear about the trouble, you can request a replacement online here.  Just login with your Sonos.com account to begin.
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I came across this thread looking for a solution to the same problem. I now have three controllers with dead spots out of a total of seven in use. I tried logging into the link above but get: Sorry, no devices registered to your account were found to be eligible for this online defect system. Please contact Customer Service to continue with the troubleshooting and replacement process. Any clues? thanks, Jonathan
After testing the CR200 which has developed a dead line after an upgrade I have found that this is not a hardware problem but software related.

Many pages work flawlessly over the whole page wile others haver either row-wise dead lines or dead spots depending on the page.

E.g. ACTUAL TITLE can activate the album view in an "L" shaped box - WHY?
E.g. In ACTUAL PLAYING page the return arrow does not accept a tap but instead will accept a slide to the left - WHY?
The same arrow is happily accepting a tap when in the "SETTINGS" page.

This seems more and more like a programming issue with problems in the definitions of touch areas.
These oddities can be found all over the controller.

Now - please don't tell me that a touchscreen can "consistently" behave that way. In one page it is happy on another it is not.