Hue bridge not recognized

  • 18 January 2018
  • 9 replies

I can’t get my Sonos One to recognize my new hue bridge smart home device, nor get the Alexa app to recognize it. Any advice?

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9 replies

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I assume you are pressing the button on the hue when instructed for it to find it.

If so I would try it with hue bridge and Sonos One both hooked to router.
Yes, pushing button as instructed. Haven’t tried it with both physically hooked to router , as Sonos One is hooked wirelessly right now.
Crazy thing is, I had a different hue bridge that was recognized almost immediately and gave me no issues.
There are 2 different HUE bridges. I believe the original one doesn't support connection with an Amazon device, but the second version, marketed as Apple Home Kit enabled, does.

Worth double checking on the Philips website, though.
Yes, I believe you are correct; however, I have the second version of the hue bridge. And it is compatible. Thanks
Hmmm. Not sure I can help you, beyond agreeing with your supposition about it being hooked to the router. Both my BOOST and my HUE bridge are hooked to the router, I've not experienced any issues. Can control lights via Alexa with no issue.

But I'm pretty sure that while the Amazon devices have a built in zigbee card, I'm pretty sure the Sonos One does not, so you'd likely need to have to have the HUE bridge linked with that ethernet cable. Another difference between an "Alexa" device, and an "Alexa enabled" device.
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I have the 2nd version (the one homekit compatible). Works well with Alexa. However, I thought my old one (round one non-homekit) worked too.
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I thought the hue bridge always needed linked by Ethernet cable.
I’m pretty sure the hue bridge has to be connected directly to the router. That’s the way mine is hooked up