How To Separate Stereo Pair

  • 7 December 2016
  • 4 replies

I'm trying to separate a stereo pair I created. I've found the instructions, but they say to go to "room settings" under "settings". I can't find this option in my iOS or Android apps. Also can't find it in Mac app. Please help.

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4 replies

Your app is in limited compatibility mode, either because it needs to be updated, or the OS is out of date for full functionality. Check under Settings->About Your Sonos System that all units are at version 7, and check that your devices are not running the partially supported OS versions here:
All my devices and Mac are up-to-date OS-wise. Sonos units are showing version 7.1. When I install the new Mac controller, it says there's an update then installs 6.4. I stopped the update after a reinstall and saw that it was 7.0. Still don't see a way to split the stereo pair.

Also, at this point I've removed the apps from all my devices. Only the Mac (macOS 10.12.1) has a controller installed.
Just figured it out! Although i signed out of the public beta yesterday, i was apparently still signed into the "private beta". When I looked at it yesterday, it didn't show that I was signed into that one. Oh well. I left that and everything updated correctly. The units are now showing 7.0, not 7.1. I'm all good and now have the option to separate the stereo pair. Thanks!
What private beta? 😉