How to get Sonos to work properly after update.

  • 1 February 2020
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Getting highly annoyed with the Sonos user experience.

Today after updating to the latest software I once again  lost connection to all my speakers after the update. This at least the 4th time that this has occured.

When will Sonos improve on this?

What do you need from my side to check/improve because I am losing faith with this user experience?



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16 replies

I’d suggest two options for you. 

  1. Before you update your Sonos, power cycle your router, or
  2. Assign reserved IP addresses to all of your networked devices in your router’s DHCP table.

Unfortunately, this failure isn’t in the Sonos, it is in your router, which is handing duplicate IP adresses to your Sonos devices when they reboot, as part of the update process. My first option forces the router to reload its software before you update, which should help it ‘remember’ what IP addresses are in use. The second, and better option takes the randomness of the router out of the equation, and all devices connect to pre-assigned IP addresses, and there can’t be any conflict, even if the router gets lost in where it is in the DHCP table. 

As an extra comment, since you didn’t say what Sonos devices you have, make sure that you retire any BRIDGE you may have, and either replace it with a BOOST, or wire the Ethernet cable directly to any Sonos speaker. 

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The static/reserved IP trick solved my update and power failure issues.

Wiring my Sonos and getting them off my home WiFi helped stability too.

Super frustrating.

That’s great if you know how to access IP addresses or have the time or inclination to wire the speakers. It worked fine for over a year and now after an update speakers are not shown on the app and / or are turning on and off by themselves.

It’s very frustrating for a system that is very expensive.  I have 9 rooms with sonos equipment and spent well over $5,000. I expect it to work without having to be an IT person.

What does this have to do with the message about not supporting your legacy equipment? 


More Sonos games trying to turn product instead of supporting it’s customers?


No, the Sonos not connecting is just a symptom of an issue in your router. It doesn’t cause the issue, merely exposes it. Replacing your Sonos devices with “new” ones would act in exactly the same manner, but you’d still be unhappy, and out a bunch of money. 

The Sonos system requires a good backbone to connect to. Fix that issue, and you’ll be much happier. I’m not an IT person either, it took me 10 minutes to find a manual for my router, and 3 minutes to read how to do it, once I’d set up the first one, it took seconds to set up the rest. Not that hard, and certainly doesn’t require anIT person to do so.

Thank you for the responses and making clear that the issues probably lie with my wifi network (router).

According with some of the responders I am also not an IT expert, just want to use it and receive a good experience.

My system has:


Playbar, Sub, 2× Play 3

Play 5

Play 1

2x play 1

Unplugged all including router and now seems to be able to find all speakers again.

Glad it’s working again.

Note that this procedure is ‘temporary’. If your router has gotten into this state once, it’s likely, although not guaranteed, that it will again at some point in the future. If you’re OK with redoing this reboot procedure, then you’re fine. If you’d prefer not to have to do it again, you can assign reserved IP addresses. Entirely up to you. 

Same here, for such an expensive product, the experience is terrible, had sonos for nearly 10 years now, all the updates now keep knocking my ststem oit of kilter, ready to move on, and the may update looks loke its going to render my play 5 and bridge useless. Took me hours to nght unplugged everything, reset everything, ethernet cable etc etc, just awful.  What started great has turned bad and competition has now caught up, ready to say goodbye. And by the way folks, if sonos blame your router thats a weakness in their product, the bridge is directly connected to your router and the magic happens from the bridge, sonus wake up!!!

Being on a SonosNet signal doesn’t remove the potential for duplicate IP addresses. Your router still needs to know where to send the music stream. And even SonosNet is a wireless signal, so it can be affected by wifi interference, both from other Wi-Fi devices, including ones not on your network, and other electronic devices, which generate their own interference.

If you’re unable to look in to how to assign reserved IP addresses on your router, you could just refresh your network by unplugging all Sonos devices, then rebooting your router. Once the router comes back up, plug back in your Sonos devices. It’s not as permanent a fix, but it should certainly help in the short term, if indeed duplicate IPs are being handed out by your router. 

Didnt work, i had to unplug each speaker, connect it to ethernet on the router, reset each speaker, add and update each speaker and link each speaker to my account, defective product, sonos should work this out, only happens after the system takes a poorly prepared badly change managed i sufficiently tested update, which are so frequent now its embarraaing, sorry, but as an early adopter of what was once a great system, sonos soend so much time trying to protec their ip (hence all the updates) they dont thouroughly test them on older systems lime mine and us early adopters, the folks that let this co.pany rise to fame suffer the consequen

And by the way, a free app like fing can identify every speaker ip on my network, sonos has my wifi password and its plugged in, it should be able to do the same, and then make any necessary adjustments itself, it should not be up to me to start assigning static ips, come on so os, basics here


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But if the same ip-adress is handed out to two speakers, how is Sonos to know what’s wrong and how to correct it?

And by the way, a free app like fing can identify every speaker ip on my network, sonos has my wifi password and its plugged in, it should be able to do the same, and then make any necessary adjustments itself, it should not be up to me to start assigning static ips, come on so os, basics here

If your router ‘balks’ at reboot of multiple sonos devices, then it will do the same thing for multiple chromecast devices or smart-plugs etc… I’ve seen this with some routers in the past, where the DHCP server loses track of the network devices IP addresses. Often you may find the router is a few years old and no longer supported by its manufacturer and if it’s ISP provided, that they too have moved onto another router model, in some cases. 

The answer IS definitely to set static addresses in the routers DHCP Reservation table… it may sound a bit daunting when you hear these things mentioned, but  it’s often a very simple process in that the user, using a web browser (or app), navigates to their router, where they login (details are usually printed on router or in the manual) and finds what is a table-like page called DHCP Reservation. It’s then a case of simply adding each device/ip address for their sonos products to a list.

Such things do vary slightly for different brands of router and If you can’t be bothered to glance through the routers manual, you may find that there is a YouTube video on how to quickly do these things, particularly for some of the popular brands of router. 

I have over 20+ sonos devices and I reckon it took me less than 15-20 minutes to add them all to my router table.

Anyhow, since fixing the IP addresses, I have not had any problems at all with rebooting/updating my Sonos products, or other network devices. 

Ok, so all the speakers had seperate ip addresses as confirmed by fing, so this was not the issue, the update made me re register everythi g. I know how to assign static ips but thanks for the explanatiin, my point remains the same. This system is supposed to be plug and play and it isnt, you now need a different level of technical skillset to own one succesfully depending on your router. Btw my routwr is the latest talk talk one, had it over a year, never any trouble, like i said before, the trouble starts when sonos push their pklrly planned and badly tested updates

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Still not sure if the fault lies with Sonos, or with the fact that updating devices mean a restart of a couple of devices at once, which confuses some routers (some of the time). Could this possibly be prevented by not having all devices restart simultaneously after updating? Would this be programmable by Sonos (though the fault may lie with routers being unable to handle request simultaneously)?

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Hello @srolley73blackpool 

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out to us for assistance. 

If you are still having difficulty with your Sonos system, I’d be happy to look over a diagnostic report  from your Sonos app. 

If you include the confirmation number in your response, we can check it over for any underlying issues that could be destabilizing your Sonos system. 

Thanks jean, about 2 days late, all sorted now and gonna mess with static ips tomorrow, your update was a MESS, thanks anyh