How to get DD 5.1 from PS4 & PS3 to the Playbar

  • 26 January 2017
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I've searched this forum and googled but didn't really find a solution for my problem. Unfortunately nearly every article/tutorial in the sonos knowledgebase regarding PS3/4 was not online anymore and just resulted in an error message.

Now on to my problem which is well known in the community: My playbar only gets a Stereo input signal when playing a Blu-Ray on my PS4/3. If I connect the two machines directly to the Playbar and don't go the hdmi route over my TV I get a nice DD 5.1 signal on my Playbar.

But my TV is perfectly able to pass through DD 5.1 (Sony HX855) and does it exactly that with the connected Apple TV /4th gen).

Could you please help me out with this?

Thanks a lot for all your help in advance!

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3 replies


DTS to DD 5.1 conversion only works via the PS3 and even there only if it is directly connected to the Playbar with optical.
The PS4 is only giving out Stereo when playing a DTS track.

All settings are Bitstream (Mix) and the manual configurations for both HDMI and Optical chose DD 5.1.
OK, I'll bite. I'm not familiar with that particular Sony model, but your testing points to an issue with the Sony, and not with the Playbar. i.e. if you connect directly to a device, you get the 5.1 signal, but if you go "through" the TV, you don't.

So there's a litany of things I would look at, and I'll list them all, although I think you've probably looked at most of them.

1) Look at the audio settings on each device, to make sure that what they are sending out through the HDMI port is Dolby Digital (5.1), and nothing more. Not Dolby Digital Plus, not DTS, just Dolby Digital. (this I think you've done already, based on your comments about it working when each device is connected directly to the Playbar). But you need to make sure if there's some setting on each one that sends a different signal out via HDMI versus the optical output, since that's one difference between the connection to the TV versus directly to the Playbar. I've personally never run across a machine that has that ability, but I don't want to rule it out, since you're experiencing the issue.

2) While you're in there, lock down those settings on the PS3 and PS4 so that they never send out a DTS signal, but always downmix it to Dolby Digital. It will just frustrate you at some point later if you don't do it now.

3) Look at the audio settings on the Sony TV itself. While it may be capable of passing 5.1, it may not be set up to do so in the audio settings. Based on what I see, it should be explained on page 72 and above on the manual for the TV. Since I don't have a TV to test on, I'm not sure how clear those instructions are. By the way, it looks like only HDMI 1 is ARC enabled, if that makes a difference to you, the other HDMI inputs don't appear to have that feature.

4) I note that they have some odd settings under picture which seem to affect the audio as well. I'd set this to "Auto" rather than any of the other options, at least for now, and once you get the system working to your satisfaction, then play with it a bit more.

Finally, I'd recommend reaching out to Sony themselves for additional help, since the issue appears to be the TV, and not the Sonos.

I hope this helps.
Thank you so much for all your kind and detaild help.

I didn't know that only HDMI 1 was passing through DD 5.1 so that was actually quite the turning point :)

Unfortunately I had to notice that the PS3 will only output a converted (DTS to 5.1) signal via optical directly to the Playbar and not via HDMI. Very strange and annoying. My PS4 is passing through 5.1 via HDMI but will not convert DTS to DD5.1
My PS3 however does that without any problems.

My main problem is as follows: I'm located in Germany and own a EU PS4 that I'm using to play all my region B BRs and a Japanese PS3 which I'm using to play all my region A BRs.

Either I get the PS4 to work to properly convert DTS to DD5.1 or just buy a region free BR playr that is capable of this. Unfortunately, the always recommended Samsung BR players can't be made region free anymore. And I'd like a decent playr as well that can match the Playstation video qualities. Don't need any streaming Apps etc. I got my Apple TV for that.