How to fix “Existing system not found” error on work macbook pro w/security profiles and Cisco AnyConnect?

  • 2 January 2020
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I have a macbook pro for work that has security profiles and Cisco Anyconnect VPN installed for corporate security policy.  Even when I am not on VPN connection, I am unable to use the macOS Sonos client to search for and find my Sonos systems (Connect, ConnectAmp devices).  I am definitely on the same WiFi network and have also connected via Ethernet to the same switch that my Sonos devices are on.  


I always get a “Existing system not found” error when I launch Sonos client macOS app and try to connect to any of my Sonos devices.  All other computers on the network can connect, just not this corporate work computer that has security profiles and locked down networking.  Is there a log file or other troubleshooting methods I can try to pinpoint what ports, firewall settings, etc. might be able to help me resolve this issue?



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