How to debug songs skipping on my Sonos Play 1s


I'm having a problem with my Play:1s skipping songs when they get a couple of minutes in. At the moment it's struggling with music from my NAS drive (wired straight into the router) but it does the same thing with Amazon Music as well. The Play:1s are upstairs and the router is downstairs but pretty much directly underneath.

Sometimes the error message says 'Can't connect to the Sonos Player', mostly it's an error code (apologies but next time I'll screenshot that.)

I upgraded my wireless router last week because I thought perhaps it was struggling for signal. I've now separated a few devices onto other bands to make sure that congestion isn't the issue. When I am sitting at the desk that has the Play:1s, Netspot says my mobile phone has between 57Mbps and 86mbps on 2.4ghz band. That would surely be a good enough speed to avoid this problem?

Is there a way to find out more about the strength of the wifi on the two Play:1s?

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The next time the skipping happens Submit a Diagnostic, then list the reference number here. A Sonos tech will take a look for you.
OK, I will do that. I made a few changes to my network configuration last night so we'll see if that cures it. If not, I'll submit a diagnostic and make a note of the reference number.

My next idea is to get both of the upstairs Sonos Play:1s on an ethernet connection as a way of completely ruling out wireless related issues.
OK, it's happened twice today. It's literally just happened and I've submitted the diagnostic: 1177000673.

I'd love to know what the issue seems to be so any help from the Sonos tech team will be greatly appreciated.
And again. I've submitted another diagnostic - 17306854 to give you guys another set of data to look at. I will now wait for you guys to take a look.
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And again. I've submitted another diagnostic - 17306854 to give you guys another set of data to look at. I will now wait for you guys to take a look.

Hi there,

Thanks for sending in the report. I see that there are many wireless communication errors showing up between your speakers. This is likely due to wireless interference from nearby networks and devices. Please start by changing the wireless channel your Sonos system is using. This can reduce interference with your home wireless network.

It may also help to take a look around and in between your Sonos speakers for any third party wireless devices which could be causing interference. If your Playbar is too close to your router, they may interfere. See if you can get a couple feet of distance between them. Other electronics, such as cordless phones, wireless cameras, and wireless baby monitors, can cause interference if nearby a Sonos speaker.

My Sonos channel is set to 11, my 2.4 ghz wifi is on channel 1.

I've checked with the netspot app to see any interference but I can't see anything on channel 11 at all including sonos. Just an occasional weak sky broadband signal from a neighbour.

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When your report was submitted, there was heavy interference between your Sonos components. If your router is set to automatically switch channels, you may want to set it to a static channel. This could explain why your app doesn't show interference. Also, electronics don't always use 2.4 ghz signals, so there may be interference not visible in your app. Take a look around your speakers for any other electronics. Try moving things away from your speakers and test again.

It may be better to troubleshoot this live with our phone team. You can find our phone number and hours here.
I have set it to use channel 6 instead of 11 and double checked the router - that's already fixed to channel 1.

Next time I am in the room where I have the problems i'll give the support team a ring.

But one question, out of curiosity- shouldn't I see sonosnet listed on netspot giving any kind of signal at all?
On the phone queuing for the support team to take a look at the latest diagnostic - 1164232601. I can't see any competing networks on netspot so I'm really not sure how to debug this thing. I also can't see SonosNet on netspot either. Is it possible to open these sonos log files myself and see if there's anything obvious?
Support guy was great. Looks like running the speakers in Mixed Mode is the issue. I've unplugged the ethernet downstairs and am just running on my wifi, lets see how that goes.