How to connect Marantz PM4000 line out to Sonos Connect line in?

  • 6 February 2017
  • 1 reply

I have just purchased a Sonos Connect and Sonos Play 5 to work alongside my Marantz Amplifier. I have 2 input sources on the amplifier they are CD and a turntable. I would like to be able to connect my amplifier to my Sonos connect so that I can move my Sonos Play 5 around my house and still use my original system

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1 reply

So, looking at the back of the Connect (which I don't own, I googled it), I see two (right and left) analog inputs, so you could potentially go from an tape audio out on your Marantz amp to those two inputs, using a standard RCA connector cable. You'd then want to turn on the input on the app, which I don't think shows up until there's actually something connected. At least, it works that way on the Play:5 input.

Basically, anything playing on your Marantz, be it CD, turntable or radio should be going out through the tape output, and then would be picked up by the connect. There may be a slight delay on that, I'm not sure, so it may not play in 100% sync with any speakers you have connected to the Marantz, but all your Sonos gear would be in sync. I think this has to do with buffering that needs to be done in order to have all the Sonos gear play in sync, but someone may come along and invalidate that.

It would appear to be a fairly easy thing to do. And alternately, if you were to connect the Connect output two RCA jacks to a tape input on your Marantz, you could then take any streaming data from your Sonos system and play them through any speakers you may have on the Marantz, without any delay at all, since the buffering process has already occurred on the streaming data.

Hope this helps.