How many more Sonos updates till Playlists are fixed?

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So yet again today I cannot see my playlists. Even tried my Android phone, which used to see them. 

This bug must be 6months old at least and we’ve had at least three updates but still it’s there.

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Sonos playlists? 

Imported playlists? 

Online service playlists? From which service? 

Is this the issue by which the whole Playlists section goes AWOL from My Sonos?

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Yes Sonos created playlists, in My Sonos, don’t appear on iOS devices. They just go awol for days. Opening Android controller get them to show but not today, so if anything the bug is getting worse. Then 2 hrs later they miraculously appear.


It’s annoying to spend time creating a Playlist for a specific occasion only to not be able to play it. It was a known bug around Christmas but still there. 


This thread CLICKY  shows the issue raised over a year ago.  It started on Android but that was largely fixed but migrated (mutated!!) to iOS.


Any update from the dev team on this?  It’s one of those minor niggles that annoys greatly when you want to use that function.

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At last the latest update means playlists show. Occasionally they go missing bu a few app restarts gets them to display again. 

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And here we are still!

 Trying to get newly created playlist to show for a family bbq. Didn’t have an android device to hand so had to ask a family member to download the app and open it in order that I could then see them on our Apple devices. 

This has been an issue for over a year. Is it going to be resolved? 

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Have the same issue and it was reported to SONOS. They replied that they are working on it but the updates to  the iOS app have not fixed the issue.