How do I just make my system work on the S1 app without having to update to S2, which can't support my hardware?

  • 13 October 2021
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I have an older Connect:Amp and a Playbar which both worked on the S1 app previously. I’ve moved recently and I can get the Playbar to work on my S1 controller at my new place but I can’t add my Connect:Amp to the system without receiving a notification that I need to update the app.


When I update, it installs the S2 controller, which tells me both products are incompatible and that I should use the S1 controller. When I go back to the S1 controller, it sends me around the same loop again, telling me it can’t add new products without upgrading to S2, which then kindly informs me all over again that my products are both incompatible with S2 and that I really should try S1.


Can someone help me break the cycle? I don’t care which app I use, I just want to be able to listen to records again.

1 reply

I take it that you chose to factory reset your devices to install them at your new place, rather than transferring them to your new setup using a wired SonosNet connection, which would have been the much simpler option?

Anyhow, If that is the case, then ensure the S2 Sonos App has been removed (important) from the mobile controller device, you then need to first setup the S1 HH using an S1 only compatible device. You cannot therefore begin such a setup with the Sonos Playbar, as it is both S1/S2 compatible. - you need to begin with setting up the ‘old’ Connect:Amp first of all using the S1 Sonos App and then check for any S1 updates.  Then go onto add your Playbar to that setup afterwards via the ‘Add Product’ option in the App settings. 

Of course if you haven’t ‘Factory Reset’ your products, then you can simply ignore the above suggestion.