How can I check if my device is set to rebinnd

  • 27 September 2021
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Hello, I´m having trouble with my network since I installed a sonos play 1 that my now ex-girlfriend gave me as a “present”. All my connected devices to my router are having some kind of issue… So, she  comes out of the bleu with the sonos play 1 and says she wants me to have this… She a couple of these players at home so I let her installe the thing… a couple of days later there are issues with the wireless adaptor in my laptop. It tunrs out is been switch off and replaced with a virtual adaptor. I have a little knowledge about some stuff but not enough to fix it. So I google to find things out and learn. Then I stumble on a site about dns rebinding and that sonos play 1 is compatible for this… My question now is : Can somebody please try I explain me in no technical terms but in plain and simple  Englisch, how to find out or check this device if it´s been prepared to rebind with another remote device ,server or something else. My data charts are hitting an all time high, blue tooth speakers turn on by it self. I´ve resetting the app and device itself… I did get messages from sonos that there were problems withvmy sonos radio and something about a cloud… My router is replaced with a new one beginning of juli.. end of august it had to be replaced because it just kind of dued on me… 

Please give me some info if I´m looking for this problem in the right place, because before that first installation I had no issues like this… 





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Hi @Nick1307,


I can assure you, the issues you’ve had with your laptop’s wireless card are completely unrelated to your new Sonos Play:1 speaker. Sonos has no control over what your laptop does with its wireless cards, virtual or otherwise, so whatever is happening there is unrelated.

In regards to the rebinding stuff you’ve read online, this was an old vulnerability that has been patched for a long time. So, as long as your speakers are running the latest firmware, there’s nothing to worry about here.

Sonos also has nothing to do with your Bluetooth speakers or anything else that may be happening in your house, and I don’t really follow what you mean about your data charts or issues with your Sonos radio. 

If you’re having network connection issues with other devices in your home, I suggest reaching out to your ISP or a network professional, to find out what may or may not be happening there.

If you’re only having issues with your Sonos Play:1, we’d be more than happy to help. Our customer care team will be happy to look over your system and see if there’s anything that can be adjusted or resolved.