Hourly time checks out loud on Sonos Beam

  • 30 July 2021
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*Beam not bean lol

How do i stop my Sonos from reading the time out aloud on the hour 24/7... ?

It's driving me mad and keeps waking me up through the night. 

It never used to do this, I've just moved and it started doing this when I plugged everything back in again.

I've tried turning the volume down completely and this makes no difference.

I need sleep ...😫😫


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3 replies

The Sonos software doesn’t have this feature. It must be some device you have connected to the Beam. 

Thankyou Bruce, hmm... I guess that makes sense as to why I couldn't find anything in the settings 😂

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Hi @Drdoolindy 

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It sounds like a voice assistant is doing this, or a smart-home device on your network. As @Airgetlam said, we don’t have this feature in our software.

If you have Alexa, you could check for any routines in the Alexa app.

To be honest, it sounds like someone has played a prank on you.