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  • 11 February 2017
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Hi, Here's where I am: Clean Router, structured wired new house. Frontier FIOS ISP. Home theatre room which connects directly (wall jack, not wireless) to Internet via PLAYBAR, (+SUB + Play1 + Play1) then daisy chained to tv for smart tv usage. Currently have a PLAY ONE in kitchen with hopes of others when the time comes around the house.
The issue: My Clean Router doesn't like to supply the TV with a good internet feed. Netflix gets to 25% and stalls.
So I plug the PLAYBAR and TV directly into the Frontier Modem/Router, bypassing the Clean Router. The Frontier Modem/Router has wireless disabled. So, the Netflix etc. then works like a charm, as does the surround sound via optical connection. The Problem then: The kitchen PLAY 1 is lost. My phone app can't find it, and I am out of luck. I need the Clean Router as a wireless provider in my home. But it appears that since the hard-wired device (Playbar) isn't on or using the same wifi signal, the kitchen PLAY 1 can't be seen. Is there a work-around? What am I missing? I have no problem investing in a Connect if that's the prevailing wisdom for a fix. Don't want to, but will.
Thank you all in advance!!

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2 replies

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Hi sean_mcbride_1,

Welcome to the Sonos Community! There are a lot of smart and friendly people here.

Since nobody's replied... I will take a shot at trying to be helpful, but I will readily admit that I'm not the best network technician in the world, so I will provide what help I can, bump this thread on the board, and i'm certain a few others will be along to provide more context... and perhaps correct me. Hope this is helpful.

Looks like you have set the Frontier modem/router to bridge mode to essentially shut down a wireless network you are not using and reducing local wifi noise. You also avoid having the potential for Double NAT (a scenario where multiple routers on a network are doing network address translation.).. so that is good and helps keep things "clean". Yay.

Your Clean router should be providing your PlayBar and TV with data... I'd personally want to get this working for me.... but that is just my preference. I've never used one, but ... I presume you have ensured that Netflix as a site is accessible through your router? (since the router is designed to filter internet use... I am just wondering out loud if it is intentionally "in the way" when you don't want it to be). As I understand it has a way to create a list of "safe" sites, you may wish to identify how you ensure Netflix is in your safe list... I personally find everything that much cleaner if I can operate out of a single networking tool... but again that is me keeping things simple.

The failure to identify the kitchen Play1 in your controller is fundamentally because the app on your mobile device can't see it on the network... a few things can cause this... You may be on a different networks or network segments.... you connect the phone to one, but the Play one is on another.... that you can see the 5.1 set seems to suggest the connection of the phone is ok.... It seems by your comments that you understand that the Play1 *should* be connecting to the PlayBar / other Sonos devices using a mesh networking technology Sonos uses when one device is hardwired to a router... (called "SonosNet"). The use of SonosNet (also referred to as a "boost setup" since enabling this network is the primary purpose of a boost...) allows you to take some burden off the wireless network and set a wireless channel for it to use that is separate from the one your router is using. If the Play1 is too far away from the other speakers to establish connectivity using SonosNet, it will try to connect using wireless with the credentials you gave the Sonos system.

You can change the wireless channel that SonosNet is using to perhaps alleviate the problem of network noise and can go into the clean router and see how you assign it to a different channel as opposed to allowing it to auto select a channel.... (you should have at least 5 channels between them since there is a lot of overlap of noise on wifi channels.)

You could obviously try moving the Play 1 to a location closer to the PlayBar temporarily and see if it is able to connect to SonosNet and you see it... at least that might provide clarity that it is a signal issue and not something else.

As for additional hardware... If it is simply a distance issue, a "Boost" can operate as a simple relay for the SonosNet network ... placed partway between the kitchen and the 5.1 system and just plugged into power, it could bridge the gap if you needed something to (But any additional speaker in that location would do the same if you want to get a bit more value for the additional money spent.)

Let me know how the troubleshooting goes, perhaps provide more clarification on your setup, and any questions and I'll try to help...
The Problem then: The kitchen PLAY 1 is lost. My phone app can't find it, and I am out of luck.
The PLAYBAR won't be visible either. The Sonos system is now on the WAN side of the Clean router, on the Frontier box's network. (If the Frontier box is in bridge mode you have a serious issue since the WAN side of the Clean router will be the public internet.) Your phone is on the only wireless available, from the Clean router's LAN side.

You need to put everything back on the Clean router's LAN side and figure out why the Clean router is choking your TV feed.