High frequency noise

  • 19 February 2019
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When I use my Sonos 5 Gen 1 it also starts having a high frequency squeaking noise. Have ha my Sonos 5 for 3 years without issues, but this started a couple of months ago. The noise continues until it goes into sleep mode and is really irritating. Have tried to restart, change electric outlet etc etc, but without solving the issue... Is this a known issue or what is wrong? Have gode so far that I am almost not using the Sonos 5 anymore due to the noise...

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4 replies

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Hi, Eric Norling. Welcome to the community. Unfortunate to hear about this issue. I would recommend trying a Factory Reset on that device to see if that resolves the issue. As you have tried all other steps I would have typically suggested, I do think this is the thing to try next. Do be advised that doing so will eliminate any settings on that device. If that is the only device in your system, it will remove any favourites and such. Please let me know how this goes.

A note to our users: Please do not perform a Factory Reset unless expressly advised by a Sonos representative.
Ok. Will try that and see if it solves the issue.
Justjust tried a factory reset and ned installation again. However, still same issue and problem remains...
I assume that this noise does not track the Volume control. Likely, it is not emanating from the speaker, but from the lower left rear (when viewing the unit from the front). If this is the case, the noise is generated by a switchmode power supply.

This is a difficult situation because manufacturers typically do not care about this sort of noise. Also, it is often the case that individuals older than their mid 30’s may not be able to hear the noise. If an older tech is assigned to repair the unit, it will come back “NPF” (No Peoblem Found) because the tech couldn’t confirm the noise.

If you have the skills and inclination to attempt self repair of the unit, be aware that SONOS will not repair any unit that has been opened.