Help with audio switching from music to TV

Hi, I'm having a problem with my Sonos system randomly switching the audio from music playback to TV audio and wondered if anyone has experienced similar issues or could offer any possible solutions please?

I have 3 Play 1s, a sub and a playbar in the lounge along with a TV which has a satellite box, Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 4 connected to it via HDMI. When the PS4 is on, we often play music through Deezer rather than the audio from the TV/PS4, however after a period of time from 5 - 15 minutes Sonos randomly switches the audio back to the TV/PS4 audio. Technical support have asked me to change the Wi-Fi channel on the router but this hasn't solved the problem.

It may be a coincidence but the issue seems to have started since the Wii U arrived at Christmas - it is possible that the Wii U could interfere with Sonos in some way?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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It may be the one of the boxes is sending some sort of "wake up signal" to the TV. As an experiment initially, In the Room Settings for the Playbar, under TV Setup and Control, is TV Autoplay ticked? If so, untick it and see if that cures the problem. We can go from there.
Thanks John, the autoplay box was ticked and unticking it does seem to have solved the problem. I'll try to identify which piece of kit is causing the audio to switch back to the TV, although I can live with manually choosing 'TV' on the Sonos app if need be. Thanks very much for your help.


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