Help? TV remote will raise volume of soundbar with any key depressed

  • 20 April 2019
  • 3 replies

I installed my Sonos soundbar, with rear speakers and bass yesterday.
On my cell phone I have all the options controlled with my command.
But on my TV remote, when I depress any key; adjust volume up or down, change channel, depress the up, down or sideway arrows, the volume becomes louder. If i press the volume key on my remote to decrease, the volume raises.
If I press a channel button up or down the volume becomes louder. I can actually press any key on my remote and watch the volume bar on my sonos app on my iPhone increase.

Help? What is the problem?
Thank-you all how take the time to read and answer this question!

3 replies

Huh, that's indeed odd. I'd recommend that you go back into the controller, and reset up the remote. It seems to me that something got messed up, and the system is misinterpreting the data sent.
Thanks my friend
You're most welcome. Hope it works.