Help? Sonos one dropping playlists on amazon music after #number of tracks.

  • 27 November 2017
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Hi everyone had Sonos one for 2 weeks now, sounds great, but having trouble with the connection from Sonos and Alexa.
The sonos app plays everything great without alexa. Alexa works great without having to control my amazon music.
But when they are both asked to work together, they soon fall out.
Gone down the route of removing skills and disabling skills etc, deleted information on apps and started again. but problem still exists.
even tried the following;
MusicListenerSonos wrote:
Here is an update on how I was able to find a work-around:
1. forget all Sonos devices in the Alexa App.
2. Disable the Sonos Skill in the Alexa App.
3. Re-enable the Sonos Skill in the Alexa App.
4. Power Off then on Echo Dot
5. Power Off then on the Sonos speakers
as it stands at the moment is a factory reboot and a fresh install, turned off router(TP-link VR2600) turned off all wifi devices and rebooted with only the sonos connected. but the issue still remains...unfortunately.
I have a diagnostic number 8138589 if thats will help resolve the issues.

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5 replies

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I know that you have tried some of these steps but please try the actions I've listed in this answer:

Also can you be more specific about 'they soon fall out!...
Hi UKMedia
The quote 'They soon fall out' was just a reference to the two apps working with each other then after a couple of tracks, not communicating anymore.
I have followed your instruction, and, so far so good 😃 . switching between radio stations and amazon playlist (half way through an album as I type) thanks so much!!!! :D:D:D:D
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Great news ?
maybe spoke to soon :(
Daughter came in pressed pause on the one. From then on wouldn't work, got it back on but lasted 2 tracks again. ( came up on the sonos display on pc with unauthorized ) even though i have prime and amazon music.
I'm gonna go back through everything again!!! :(:(:(:(
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Another thought...How many Amazon accounts do you have? Can you check that you have the same Amazon account linked to your Sonos account and all your echo devices? Also that you haven't logged onto another amazon account on any other app?