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  • 27 November 2019
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So, apparently I am an victim of network interference. My Sonos system is so unstable, keeping speakers dropping on and off all the time. Not when playing music, but when I change playlists and songs. Then there will be 30-60 seconds delay before it works right on all the speakers.


I have tried several times to do some modifications to the system, which results in a stable period of 1 day with no dropouts or problems, but over the night the problems start all over.


What I have tried so far:


  • Changed my bridge to a Boost
  • hardwired 1 speaker in the other side of the house
  • looking at matrix everything is green besides 2 speakers which is yellow
  • changed router because the other router was stuck in auto channel mode. The new router I have in “opposite” channel of SonosNet
  • last night, removed the wired speaker and the boost and connected alle speakers to WiFi, working great up until this morning.
  • restarted all speakers
  • reset all speakers
  • I do have a large system with: 1 play5, 6 play1, playbar, sub, 5 play3
  • been in contact with Sonossupport without any really help
  • I only have 2 devices running on 2,4ghz, tried to power off these but same problem

Is there any steps I havent tried?? Hope some can help 😢

8 replies

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In general having one speaker plugged directly into the router so that Sonos net runs, rather than WiFi, should be more reliable. 

Make sure there are no devices that could interfere with Sonos speakers within a few feet of any speaker. These include cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors, etc. 

Boosts sometimes help and you could have that directly plugged into your router. Stand alone Boosts can help. But for me it made no difference, just more complicated. 

Concrete walls can be a big problem- my whole apartment is concrete so it's a nightmare. I've used Powerline adapters with some success- adapter plug goes on electric socket, ethernet cable from plug to a speaker. I've done this with three speakers. Overall, it's worked for me-but might not work for everyone, I'm told. 



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Oh, one more thing. Check out if neighbours networks are on the same channel as your router. Might be worth changing to a less congested channel. 

Note, if using Spotify that there is an issue with that service at the moment…


I’m not able to update the program.  I want to install the latest version, but I cannot recall my Sonos PW.

Which program? Usually updating an application such as Sonos doesn’t require the Sonos password, on some devices it may require the password to the device (such as on a Mac)  Updating the Spotify app would not require the Sonos password either. 

The MacBook Pro master program.  


I found it!  The question is new and novel. I simply delivered a hard return to the requested password, and it did it.

You’re updating the Sonos application on a MacBook Pro? You need to enter the MacBook Pro’s password, not the Sonos password. You’re authorizing the OS on the MacBook Pro to update the Sonos application, which is why the pop up is an OS pop up, not a a Sonos one. A tad confusing, I will certainly agree.