Help Finding Solutions For Error Code 1001/1002 (Unable to load large lists)

  • 8 December 2016
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I have a dozen or so Spotify playlists, ranging from a couple hundred songs to over 9,000. I've been successfully playing these Spotify lists through Sonos for a couple years now, although, whenever I would attempt to add any of those larger lists to the Sonos queue, I'd get a 1001 or 1002 Error Code, telling me it timed out . But then a few moments after receiving that error code, the queue would populate anyway. This delay happened so often that it became an expected part of the listening process.
That changed inexplicably a couple days ago. I am no longer able to load any Spotify list containing over 3,000 songs into the Sonos queue.
I live in an old house with heavy plaster walls, and realize this is a contributing factor for why I get those error codes, (and with WiFi signal strength in general). I have moved my Boost as far as possible from the router and anything else that could cause signal noise, such a LED holiday lights. I've unplugged the Boost, the Bridge, and every speaker, then restarted the system. I've changed channels, and gotten all of the available updates, but the problem still exists.
I spoke to a Sonos tech who was extremely helpful, and told me their engineers were aware of such problems, but as of now, only fourteen people, myself included, have reported such issues.
So, does anyone else have this, or a similar problem?
Have you found an effective workaround that "solved" it?
Does anyone know of a hack that would help?
I recently downloaded the new Spotify upgrade which allows the user to operate Sonos directly through Spotify, but Spotify's functionality is subpar to Sonos' ~ you am not able to combine playlists to one larger queue, nor are you able to choose a song from outside of the queue, (or inside the queue, for that matter), and arrange when they are played. And adding the songs from the list chunk-by-chunk is very time consuming.

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Hi PME123, as you may know, the errors 1001/1002 are due to timed out / communication issue. It sounds like you are getting to the limits of your wireless capacity.
Just for a test, have you tried to turn off all your Sonos units, and only wire one Sonos speaker to the router with an Ethernet cable?

Try then to create a large playlist.
Going this isn't ideal, but will let us know if the problem is coming from the wireless connection.

Let us know how it goes.