Help- Blue screen when we try to watch Netflix

  • 9 December 2017
  • 3 replies

M have a sonos system with Direct TV and Blu Ray. When we want to watch TV we click “Direct TV” on our remote. When we want to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime or YouTube we click “BluRay” on the remote. We can watch Direct TV but when we click BluRay we get a blue screen. No options for Netflix, Amazon anymore. Just stopped working one day. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks

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3 replies

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Yeah, I know a couple of players like that... drives me crazy. Just a single LED to tell me it's on or off would be immensely helpful. 🙂
Thank you Mike!! We are technology morons. And my Blu-ray player has no indicator light to tell us when it’s on or off. Genius right?? 🙂
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Sonos wouldn't have anything to do with your Blu-Ray player not being able to access Netflix, Amazon, or Youtube. You would want to contact the manufacturer of your Blu-Ray player and ask them about it. If you don't get any signal from the Blu-Ray player though, not even a menu offering the ability to play a disc, then it's likely that it has stopped working.