Help!! a pair of Sonos1's have stopped working

  • 2 October 2019
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I have a pair of Sonos 1's that I disconnected today - new carpet being laid. When I plugged them back in one of the is just dead, have changed the fuse - not a problem - but still dead as a dodo. The other one played up for a while flashing yellow at me but when left alone for an hour or so suddenly it is working again but the other one nothing!! They are about three years old, any thoughts please??

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3 replies

Try swapping the power cables to check the non-working device first of all.

Are the two speakers the only ones in your household and do you recall when they were last updated?
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If it is dead - dead calling Sonos can sometimes get you a reduced price on a replacement.
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Ken, good tip will try that this morning, as for last updated I am not sure. Will let you know the outcome.

Stanley an equally good point, will keep updated.