HDMI-ARC and the Beam

  • 5 April 2019
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Here's a professionally written article on HDMI-ARC implementation by TV manufacturers (or lack there of). It basically supports what I and others have been saying all along when complaints are logged regarding the Beam supposedly not playing well with HDMI-ARC. News flash...It ain't the Beam :8


3 replies

Good article, thanks for the link.

Not to slam Sonos at all, but at the end of the day, they're essentially just a speaker system, and don't really do any heavy lifting in the equation. But people seem to blame the last device they added, rather than looking to other devices in the chain. And with the poor / partial implementation of CEC, I tend to look towards the "hub" device, the TV set. It's more often the source of the problems, not the Sonos devices.
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Great post, thanks for sharing, Aj. I can only hope that others read this if they are having related issues with their setups.

Also: Not feeling slammed here, Bruce. Very apt, indeed.
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Keep in mind the most TVs only pass through Dolby Digital, some will also pass DTS via HDMI ARC. It won’t be until eARC becomes commonplace that the better nonlossy sound formats get passed. Not sure that nonlossy 5.1 sound formats will ever be a thing with Sonos because of the much larger bandwidth required and the stress it would put on your network.