having trouble with my sonos one connection

  • 16 July 2019
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My Sonos one worked fine for the first month. I updated the software las week and now everytime i want to use it, it doesn´t apear on the app it say´s its not connected to my wifi although i have a white light on the speaker. I have to disconnect it for a couple of seconds and try again. And more the other day i had to restor my account again because it didn´t connect.
Do you know what might be the problem???

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4 replies

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True. You may want to reboot both devices.

If you keep the speaker next to your router though, just plug it in with an Ethernet cable. That will generally keep you always connected, unless the cable goes bad.
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Sonos gear likes a bit of personal space, about a meter from a router or other radio device seems to be good enough for most setups. Do this even if it is wired.

Something that seems to enhance stability after reboots or power losses is to assign the Sonos gear static/reserved IP addresses from the router's DHCP page.
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Most likely network related.

Make sure you're connected to the wireless network you set Sonos up on.

If you have two routers, or a mesh network try taking one of them offline for a bit. Are you able to connect again?
Thanks for your reply misfit
I just have one router and my speaker is placed side to it.
It could be interference in my network i think it is a bit unstable. But once its ok it should connect again allone