Have Sonos Beta 6.0 for Android 5.1.1; Sonos Keeps Asking To Update!!!

  • 4 October 2015
  • 9 replies

I have updated the beta in the way requested, by uninstalling previous beta and then installing from email link.

The newly installed beta seems to work but no matter how often I update, still shows an update and annoys me to update...

Please help; I can't take it anymore...;-)

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9 replies

I also have no option to add music services, btw. I love my Sonos and I am an evangelist for Sonos but this brokenness is very bad and un Sonos-like.

I hope and trust I can get some help here.

You probably have a version mismatch. In Settings/About My Sonos System what are the version/build numbers for the Android controller itself and for the Sonos Players?
Thanks Ratty. I will check and post tonight.
Controller: Version: 6.0 (build 31321290)

Bridge: Version 6.0 (build 29699020)

Play 1: L: Version: 6.0 (build 29699020)

Play 1: R: Version: 6.0 (build 29699020)

So, seems you were right as controller is different from all 3 components which are the same. So:

1. So what? Not to be rude, only to understand why bad....;-)

2. What can I do about it so as not to keep getting bothered constantly to upgrade?

Thanks, Ratty. And anyone else who wants to help.

If you don't want to be constantly bothered to upgrade leave the beta program.
this brokenness is very bad and un Sonos-like.
Enrolling on a test program always carries the risk that some bits won't work quite right. The software's not yet approved for release. In particular it's not unusual for controller apps to complain about wanting to update and for some functions to be missing where there's a version mismatch.

In the past controllers had to be at the exact same build number as the players, but latterly Sonos has relaxed things and controllers will tolerate mismatches to a degree, albeit with some loss of functionality.

As noted, if you can't tolerate the slight 'brokenness' associated with being on the leading edge the answer's straightforward. Remove yourself from the test program, then ask your Sonos to update. This will automatically downgrade the system to the production software version.
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Apart from all that: concerning Sonos Beta versions, honor a NDA you might have accepted to obey. This forum might not be the correct place to discuss Beta problems. You should contact Sonos directly.
Confusing as it seems at times, there are public and private beta programs. In the case of the public betas Sonos doesn't mind the features and mechanics being discussed; it's the dirty laundry (i.e. any bugs) that they don't want aired.
I tries several times to contact support but never received a reply

So I left the beta
the only way I found possible was to go on the Sonos from my COMPUTER , go to settings, advanced, and leave beta. Then Uninstall the program. Install standard Sonos for Windows and the update...
And then your free from all the trouble