Hard wiring not work.

  • 5 September 2019
  • 3 replies

My sonos works ok in home via wifi.
In ofice i want to connect it thru wire.
When i put internet cable in sonnos connect its
not blinking with port and not showing in app.
Wire is ok laptop working great. I try both sonos connect ports.
Diagnostic file atached.
When i done diagnostic mu connect is on home wifi where its works without problems.

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3 replies

At the office the IT policy may be to disable the switch port if STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) traffic is detected. Wired Sonos devices put out STP. Check with your IT guys.
No. This is not the case. Other sonos (play 1, Connect AMP) works ok on same wire
If the port lights are not illuminating, and you've tested a known-good cable with another Sonos unit, then it sounds like the Connect's Ethernet interface is faulty.