Had to reset network -- can't re-add my sonos Connect

  • 24 January 2017
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Hi -- I recently changed wifi routers and in doing so ran into a lot of issues with my multi-room Sonos network. Eventually I decided to just factory reset everything and redo the network, which aside from losing playlists and stuff was no big deal. I was able to add all but one of my sonos items this way, but for some reason a Connect that I use with my stereo system just will not reconnect. I factory reset it until I get the flashing green light, but then when I try to add it, it starts flashing amber and the controller (on iphone and mac) won't connect. Any ideas?

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4 replies

Factory reset it again and connect it by Ethernet to your router. Add the Connect, update software then disconnect the cable.
Don't forget to reset your entire network. Connection problems which appear after a router change are almost always due to duplicate IP addresses. These show up because the the new router, having no idea about the last router's IP assignments, issues new IP's that are currently in use by another device. Unfortunately, the connection problems often cause you to reboot devices willy-nilly, and the router hands out more duplicates, exacerbating the problem. You need a systematic reset.

Reboot/power cycle your devices in the following order:

Switches or hubs
Wired Sonos units
Wireless Sonos units
Wireless devices - phones/tablets etc.

Allow each device to come back up before proceeding to the next. Note that you can permanently prevent duplicate IP addresses on your new router by assigning an IP to each device's MAC address in the router setup. See your router manual for details.
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thanks! I hadn't thought to reboot the switches that I use, too.. that might be part of the problem. Sounds like connecting the connect w/ ethernet should solve that problem and that a full system reset can help avoid issues in the future.
Connecting by Ethrrnet may allow connection, but either way that is good advice from @jgatie