Grouping issue / Apple Music issue

  • 2 May 2017
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Currently on hold on phone to Sonos support but no answer. I am in the Q and have been for 40 minutes and counting.... its very busy apparently!!

My system
I have 2 bridges, one in lounge, one in kitchen
Playbar in lounge
2 x play 1's in kitchen as a pair
1 x Play 3 upstairs landing
1 x Play 5 upstairs bedroom

System has generally been ok for the last year or so, but problems now.

Problem 1
A lot of the time I cannot group devices, you click on group but it just doesn't happen

Problem 2
A bridge was not showing on my system - but successfully added it back after resetting it

Problem 3 - related to grouping?
I have apple music which plays fine when using in kitchen on own, then still works fine with kitchen and bedroom grouped. When I try to add in the playbar in lounge to the group it refuses to play apple music and says it cannot connect to apple music. It also does not play any sound from the play 3 and seems to exhibit the same issues. so essentially 2 rooms work ok, 2 rooms dont.

What I have done so far
I deleted apple music and reinstalled, no change
restarted sonos app on mac several times
restarted internet router
restarted both bridges

submitted a diagnostics report - 7351890
But no one is answering so i cant talk to anyone about it

OK going to have to hangup waiting for sonos to pick up my call and hope this forum can help

bit disappointed with this

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1 reply

Hello Bigg1970, welcome to the Community and thanks for the diagnostic. The hold times can get pretty long for phone support, and we're glad you reached out over here.

There is a great deal of wireless interference that is preventing your Sonos components from reliably grouping and playing music. Devices such as cordless phones and charging cradles, baby monitors, microwave ovens, wireless security systems, wireless printers and headphones can be contributing to the interference.

Let's start with temporarily hardwiring your PLAY:3 speaker into the router, in place of the BRIDGE. The PLAY:3 has a stronger antenna than the BRIDGE and can provide a stronger signal to the other Sonos players. If that improves the reliability of your system, then you might wish to consider adding BOOST to Sonos in place of the BRIDGE.

We also need to change the wifi channel that Sonos is currently operating on. Here's how:

In the Sonos App on Your Phone or Tablet

Settings > Advanced Settings > SonosNET Channel

Please move Sonos to channel 11 or channel 6, then try grouping and playing your Apple Music to Sonos. One of the two channels will be cleaner, so if you experience any cutouts, try the other available channel.

Let's start with the above troubleshooting steps and please send over another diagnostic after you've made the recommended changes.