Grouping all speakers

  • 4 December 2016
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Is it possible to group more than 4 speakers? I have 6 play 1 speakers but I can't group them all together. Only 4 at a time. They are all using the same software version.

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7 replies

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HI Kweenkey,

Welcome to the Sonos community,

the short answer is yes you can do more than 4 speakers. Not sue why you cannot? I am not sure it will help but it will not hurt. Try a full reboot of you network. Shut it all down and then bring up the router first and one at time all the rest.

Maybe someone else will have a better idea?
Yes. I have 5 play 1s, a Playbar and Sub grouped.
Hi, I reset my router and updated my software and I was temporarily able to connect all 6 speakers. Then I tuned one of my speakers and now I can't get any of my controllers to connect to my system. I'm not able to play any music from any controller. I've tried rebooting multiple times and resetting my controller. Nothing has worked. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Submit a diagnostic and post the number here.

In terms of the re-boot suggested please ensure you have done the following:-

Switch OFF router, ALL Sonos products, ALL computers, Phones, tablets and ALL devices attached to the network. (Please don't cheat on this - turn all devices off)

Then restart router, wait a few minutes. If you have a Bridge or Boost restart them next and wait. Then restart the Sonos speakers. After that restart all other network devices.

The reason to do the above is to ensure there aren't any IP address conflicts.

If that still doesn't work you may have interference issues or simply low signal which is where a diagnostic would help - Sonos can glean information from it and report that to you.
Hi Stuart, after powering off everything and rebooting twice, I was able to connect to my Sonos system. I still cannot group all of my devices together. At this time I can only group 4 speakers together. The other 2 speakers are not grouped. Not even with eachother. Here is my diagnostic number 6830387. I appreciate the help.
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Hopefully a Sonos rep will review the report and post back in here
Thanks everyone for your help. A Sonos rep helped resolve my issue. I had to replace my Ethernet cable to fix my connection issue. To fix my grouping issue, I had to relocate the speaker that was being left out of the group. There was some kind of interference with the speaker and the items on my bookshelf.