Grouping a play 5 and two play 1s

  • 29 December 2016
  • 4 replies

Recently I received a play 5 for Christmas and was very impressed with it. Easy set up and great sound. I then went out and bought two play 1s to go with my play 5. The issue I'm having is that when I try to group them all together so that they all play the same music it will only group two speakers. At one point they all worked together, but then one would drop out. I have tried grouping with an ipad, an android, and a pc. I have been on hold for over an hour with sonos and I am just looking for help. Thanks for reading and possibly responding!

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4 replies

The ideal solution for this is to use Sonosnet, that needs any one Sonos unit to be wired by Lan cable to the router. If inconvenient to do this, get a Bridge or a Boost that can be so wired, thereby enabling use of Sonos net on all other Sonos units in your home: the three today and any more you might add in the future.

I have found that Wifi mode doesn't work so well for grouped speakers.
Thank you! Finally got through to sonos support very nice and extremely knowledgeable. I wired one play one in because I couldn't get into my network to switch off the auto channeling in my network. I will probably buy a Boost or a Bridge when it isn't convenient to hard wire.
Test the solution fully by extended grouped play, using different units to start making the groups. And if leaving one unit hard wired is not an issue, you will not ever need Bridge or Boost.
Will do thank you very much!