Greyed out tracks and Not indexing playlists

  • 14 December 2016
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Hi my name is Kris,

I am new to the forums so apologies if i use incorrect terminology etc.

Just got 2 play 1's and a play 5 the other day, very happy with them, however i have 2 issues which are confusing me.

1. I seem to have some 'greyed out tracks'? (1st photo attached) as you can see some songs show up and will play others do not, yes i have bought them and yes they work on my iphone within 'music' app and they are there in itunes. I seem to have quiet alot of them greayed out or i would hae re-saved a new playlist to try to rectify. Any ideas please???????

2. I updated some music on my iphone from my mac yesterday, (new playlists and albums) but they do not show up on the sonos app, I have tried re-indexing, but the app says "this will reindex" but then doesnt do anything, so the playlists dont show up??? Any ideas on this one?????? (the 2nd photo shows the playlists in my itunes app on phone but the 3rd image shows that they are not present in Sonos app where they should be. Yet when i search for the tracks individually i can find them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you


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14 replies

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Sonos limits the amount of characters allotted for each field of the metadata. This is due to memory allocations for the 65,000 track limit. It's easy to exceed these limits which quickly fills up the alloted space. Where the file name is too long, Sonos will not index it.

Field name
Max Characters
File name

You can also get a list of the index, including artist, album, track, path, etc., by browsing to the following:

Import to a spreadsheet and you can sort by any tag you wish. This will help you find and eliminate oversized paths or tags.. etc is the ip adress of a speaker to be found at the bottom of settings, About My Sonos System.
An observation, and a question.

1/ Tracks stored in iCloud cannot be played directly in Sonos. You must download them.

2/ Where is the music library stored? On the Mac?
the tracks are actually on my phone, i downloaded the tracks from my mac (again not on icloud), the music is stored on my mac, but my mac is not got icloud or apple music switched on, (thats the only way i can change, delete or update playlists anyway) so i download the music directly to my phone so the tracks are physically on my phone
i will check the fields, for uneccasary characters.
however when i bought yesterday a track, put it into one of the playlists and then updated the playlist on my phone, the new track showed up, but not in Sonos!!!!!
BoredofBalham's comments relate to a local music library, which Sonos can index and play from a network share, e.g. a shared folder on a Mac. If you're just dealing with tracks stored on the phone itself then the library index is not relevant.

Are you looking for your tracks in the 'On this iPhone' section of the Sonos app's music menu?
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Just adding some more information here, grayed out tracks are usually a result of a DRM protected format, as in offline tracks from Apple Music as opposed to purchased tracks. It could also be tracks that are in the Protected AAC format like the older iTunes music that was sold with Apple only protection.

They'd be missing from the index because we'll skip them when we go to search the library, but when stored on a mobile device they'll be listed but not playable. Are you able to check the format of those tracks?
I am clicking my music, then playlists? is that not right? I cant find a "on this iphone" section!!!!
I have even tried to remove my apple account from sonos app then re-add it, this also didnt work!!! I was actually just trying to update the christmas playlists so i can play my christmas playlists music from my phone for the kids.
i can check the tracks, however wuick question whhile im doing it, can Sonos NOT play AAC tracks? as i know one of the tracks not playin is actually MPG
all the tracks are mpg's

So how can i play these so called DRM protected tracks OR how do i unprotect them???????????
Ratty i have just found the 'on this iphone' thank you, they are playing from this section but not from the itunes music section?????????? strange???????? thank you
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i can check the tracks, however wuick question whhile im doing it, can Sonos NOT play AAC tracks? as i know one of the tracks not playin is actually MPG

Apple tracks usually are in either Protected AAC or just AAC. AAC will play fine on Sonos, it's the Protected tracks that aren't allowed to be played.

Can you follow the steps here to submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and reply back with your confirmation number? I'll take a look and see if anything is coming up there.
Thank you Ryan S - Ive got to be honest i am loving the quality and the ease of set up (I work for a large electrical retailers and i purchased to Bose Soundtouch 10 the other day as there was an offer oven though i specifically wanted the Sonos - anyway long story short the quality wasnt as good and the set up could only have been done by Alan Turing!!!!!) so swapped for 2 play 1's and treated myself to a Play 5 for being a good lad this year!!! Love them so these are just little glitches i know, but it is confusing me why the playlists dont update in the apple music section but i can access and play the tracks from the 'on this iphone' section!!!!!!