Google WiFi and Sonos

  • 14 December 2016
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I have seen at the least one bad review concerning the new Google WiFi and Sonos. Can anybody add comments to this subject? I have preordered the gadget with Amazon and, of course, I am worried about it. Thanks in advance for your time!

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28 replies

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Hi Monte, we don't have anything in particular that we're tracking right now regarding Google WiFi. As with any wireless network, you'll need to make sure it isn't interfering with the Sonos wireless channel if you have a Sonos device wired to the network.

Also, if your players are all wireless to the router, you'll need to wire one in to the new Google WiFi to change the wireless credentials. More details here on if you're changing your router.
Thanks, Ryan. I appreciate it. Regards!
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I'll chime in on this issue. I got my Google Wifi 3 pack yesterday. I did nothing more to my home's setup than replace my single Engadget router and replaced it with the first Google Wifi router then added the additional 2 mesh routers. I then connected my various devices to the new wireless network and none of them could detect the sonos system. I have had my Sonos for a long time so y system is set up with an initial ethernet connection directly from a Sosnos Range Extender (or whatever its called) into a Uverse Gateway made by Pace. From the Sonos Range Extender, I am using the Sonos network to connect out to a Play 5, and two Sonos Connect:Amps. I even tried plugging the the initial ethernet cable directly into the port of the first Google Wifi and also could not connect the system. Its like the routers will not let Sonos talk through the system. Thankfully I am now 100% dependent on the now discontinued Sonos controllers because none of my PCs nor cell phones or tablets that are connected to the network through Google Wifi can see the Sonos system. I may consider returning the Google Wifi but I am going to play with it a little more before I totally give up. Oddly if you look at the Google Wifi app, the sonos players are visible on the network but it will not let the signal through to validate the app. Any suggestions? Also hy did you discontinue the CR100 controllers? I had 3 originally, but over 8 or 9 years I went down to 2,and now down to one. I hate that two died and fear my last one will not make it but another year or two. They were tough little suckers that were waterproof, mostly drop proof, and great for just managing volume and skipping forward and back.
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I even tried plugging the the initial ethernet cable directly into the port of the first Google Wifi and also could not connect the system.

This is the setup you'd want to use so that the wireless devices connected to that router's network will be able to see Sonos. You'll want to restart all your players, and then make sure your controllers are on that same network.

In any case, looks like you worked with ratty here and got this sorted out.

As to the CR100, we replaced it with a touchscreen controller that was easier to use, but that too was discontinued. We decided to focus on making great speakers and apps, and to let those who make mobile devices do that. We get the request for making a dedicated controller again from time to time, so I'll make sure to add your voice to that request.
I am having many of the same issues as Tracy_13 but Ratty's solution isn't making sense to me given my configuration.

So, have a couple of play 3s paired in one room, a few connect amps powering some other rooms, a connect working through my main AV system, and a sound bar and surround 1s in the bedroom. Overall, a great system that was worked flawlessly around the house.

I have Verizon Fios (actiontec router with wireless turned off) and had been using an Apple Extreme in bridge to get a pretty good signal around the house. But it hadn't been good enough so I installed Google Wifi. Same network name and everything was happy as a clam....except Sonos. Per other reports, I can see the units on my system I just can't connect to them via the controller on my iPhone or MacBook. When I plugged a Play 3 into the Google wifi "host" unit's LAN port, nothing happened. My Connect is hard wired to the Fios actiontec via ethernet in a different room and it too can't be found when I try and connect either the phone of Mac to it (I "disconnected" both and have been trying to reconnect). Help!
Figured it out. Since Fios was not bridged, I essentially have two networks. The Connect was wired to Fios actiontec with the radio off, and I was trying to connect to the Google Wifi via the apps. All is now working fine....
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Great, glad you figured that out chuckjones3.
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just finished setting up my new Google WIFI... and had a bit of a bother with SONOS. i have the 'wonderful (not)' Verizon Actiontec and decided to try the G WIFI before upgrading to the Verizon Quantum... all went fine with setting up G Wif and then I went to deal with Sonos . I eventually got it to work.

i originally had one speaker (in the den) plugged into my Verizon router via cable and that created the SonosNet. the G WIfi is set up in my study (where the V router is) and the speaker is in the den. anyway, i followed the directions for the BOOST setup when changing a wifi router... and i would plug the speaker in the study into the new G Wifi and then all speakers showed up ... but the minute i unplugged the study speaker and plugged in the ethernet cable to the Original Speaker (in the den) that i had set up as the 'boost' speaker.... SONOS complained... no wireless yada yada.

probably because its 1 am and i was tired... i didnt realize that of course that cable into the DEN speaker would not work because => yes, i had turned off the wireless on the Verizon router in order to create the Google WIFI network.

I went thru the steps for a STANDARD setup with the den speaker unplugged from my network. And then Sonos Controller was happy and all speakers are seen and working. (and den speaker not plugged into my network)

SO now here is my question: i do want to create the SONOS NET again (i have a multitude of wireless devices).

Do i run the cable to the VERIZON router (internet only now) or to the GOOGLE WIFI router (wireless)?

Or should i get a BOOST? (and where would that be plugged into? )
I recently set up two Google WiFi and had three Sonos player. with google wifi on either floor and two Sonos on the ground floor and one at uppstairs, as they are on the ground floor have been paired together. At this point the android devices see only the two downstairs and apple devices see only that which is on the upper floor. Pc app only sees those who are on the ground floor. I set up Google WiFi so I used the same network name and password, the profits I saw at first was that both 2.4 and 5 GHz is on the same network, but it was not on the old rauter
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just updating my comment above. i did move my play:1 and connected it to my new Google WIFI router. and created the Sonos mesh. i did wait a few days first. every one of the speakers (i have multiples) and now its working as before.

the only issue i have now is NOTHING to do with Sonos. its an whole other issue (to do with a wired Apple TV (for plex) and not being able to use the Apple remote app because the Google wifi router and Verizon router (ethernet) dont speak to each other... i have to look into a bridge... )

I love the GOOGLE wifi... not one issue so far. i will be buying another one. i dont need three but another one to go in the back of my railroad apt beyond the den where there are several wifi devices... the one in the back will help for outside access from the patio (although the signal is there its not as strong).

the bridging with the verizon router will be interesting to configure.

anyway, no problems with Google WIFI router and SONOS as far as i can tell .
Google wifi hell. I've tried every type of setup, it will see the system for a few minutes but after awhile it loses all connection to the system.
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Been running Google Wifi + Sonos for 2 months withouth any issues. 3-pack Google wifi + play 1 x4 + connect+ playbar. Google wifi solved all my wifi coverage and stability issue. Very happy!
I'm having the same problem. I have an ASUS RT-N66U home router which has two LAN ports and is also a wireless access point. When I had my Sonos system connected to the router via a switch/one of the LAN ports and everything worked great while using one of the router's wireless networks. Then I got a Google WiFi 3-pack and set up a mesh network. One Google unit is connected to the other LAN port on my router and it has an IP address on the same subnet as everything else connected to my router. But now when my mobile devices are on the Google network, they can't connect to my Sonos system. What did I miss in the above replies?
What did I miss in the above replies?
Your Google WiFi has a second router built in. All its wireless clients will be on a different subnet to devices attached to the ASUS.

You'll have to wire the Sonos to a LAN port on the Google units.
@ratty - thanks! After re-reading the Google WiFi documentation I do see where they mention that each unit is a router, I just missed it the first time. Probably because I was not expecting it to be there... Do you know if Google WiFi is a gigabit switch? I would not mind plugging my entire home network into the downstream port but not if it's just 100 MB.
@ratty - never mind, I found my answer here. The ports are gigabit.

I am not following some of the tech speak here. I have had my Sonos 3 for several months, and it was working fine on my wireless network. Then I bought the Google wifi 3-pack, and was able to reconnect TVs, laptops, printers, Nest thermostat--pretty much everything EXCEPT my Sonos. I have followed the instructions several times for standard setup. The system recognizes the new network and plays music when it is hard-wired to the new primary router as the instructions dictate. But when I move Sonos back to my kitchen, it can't find the new network. My phone will even say, "You're on the (name of new network) but Sonos isn't. Sorry, we can't connect to Sonos." I turned the wifi off and on, unplugged the router and plugged it back in. Still not working. Any suggestions?

I think that a bridge or boost wired to your primary Google WiFi access point will solve the problem. There might be a way to do so without another piece of equipment but this way you benefit from Sonosnet configuration which just strikes me as a better way to fly, separate from your network.
Ah, more tech speak. What does a "bridge" or "boost" look like?
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Hi write2lynn!

Let's see if I can help with the techspeak :D

A "Bridge" is the older version of the more modern "Boost" and is a wireless device made by Sonos that plugs into a power outlet and plugs into your router via an ethernet cable.

See a boost advertised here:

When you plug any Sonos product (a boost or any one of the other Sonos products) directly to your router, the connected device lets all other Sonos devices know it has a direct connection to the router and the Sonos devices create their own "mesh" network among themselves that is called "SonosNet".... since this is the primary function of a "boost" (some people simply don't want a speaker near their router), this is also called a "boost setup" (crappy marketing term from Sonos if you ask me - as I've said here many times, but I suspect they don't care about my opinion 😉 .

Now... in your case. It seems that your poor speaker is sitting in a fairly isolated place where there is very poor wifi signal and it can't connect to your network... That obviously was not the case with your prior router. I don't have experience with the google product, but I'm wondering if, since they expect to create a "mesh" network (communication amongst multiple points meaning almost exactly what is sounds like - able to jump off from any point to the next closest one)... you happen to have isolated the SOnos device to be a bit away from any single Google mesh point? OR... could you have it near other devices that destroy wifi signal? (baby monitors, microwaves have been known to, DECT home phones, or right beside the router itself... try to have ~ 3 feet between a Sonos product and any wifi products...)

Alternatives would be to stick to connecting your Sonos via wifi, but either move one of the access nodes of the google to a better vicinity or, add a device like the a boost that lets the Sonos product connect to another Sonos device wired to the google primary router. (In My Opinion... unless you have multiple Sonos products, the SonosNet setup isn't really necessary... but if you 4 or more you should seriously consider it for a number of reasons.)

Hope this helps and post back any outstanding questions you may have 🙂
The short version
• I recently installed google home wifi mesh after years of home networking problems of unknown origin, especially with Sonos. I have a mixed wireless and wired network.
• I used to have to reboot my superhub anything from at least once a week to 3 times a day.
• So far no reboots needed after 4 weeks with google wifi. Life is better!

The long version.
I have lots of wireless and wired devices including 10 sonos players, 2 wifi printers, smart tvs, xbox, tablets, pc, NAS, etc.
Over 2-3 years, including moving from VirginMedia superhub 2 to 3 (which I hoped would help but didnt) various things stopped working well.
• The sonos system was frequently not found, the app would lose connection to the system etc..
• Individual PCs and phones/tablets would be dropped from the wifi and not reconnect.
• The HP wireless printer was only visible to iOS devices for about 10 seconds after setting up its wifi creds and then would disappear.
• Smart tv frequently couldnt connect.

I have tried all sorts of solutions over the years.
• hours on phone with various tech support, including VirginMedia and Sonos, reconfiguring channels, blah blah
• Wifi extenders
• Power plug type networks
• Software reinstalls, updates etc.
But in the end nothing prevented the frequent need for rebooting the superhub.

The Google Wifi mesh has solved everything so far. Stable for over 4 weeks now (not a single manual reboot), everything is connected and plays nicely.
• Things do drop occasionally but the Google wifi appears to be recovering them automatically after a few seconds. This is sooo much better!
• I still have a mixed wired and wireless network, using two of the Google wifi boxes to output to little Netgear Gigabit Ethernet 4 port boxes. Worked great once I moved everything to downstream of the Google wifi (i.e. modem is wired to google wifi, all other wires are to or via the google wifi box, not direct to the modem!)
Its also as fast if not faster (hard to tell for sure as the VirginMedia available speed varies from 30-100Mbs from minute to minute).
I am very pleased with my Google WiFi/Sonos set up. I had no problem connecting it up or getting any of the speakers (4 x Play 1's) to see the network. Then Sonos updated the iOS app and for a while some problems started happening. Playing music in one room at a time was great, but trying to make the same music come out in a different room seemed to confuse the system and I’d have to restart it. I contacted Sonos Support, who as ever were very helpful, and they had me send the diagnostics in. It very quickly came back that each room as trying to access a different access point, and they pointed me to an article about this kind of set up. (Mesh network.) However a few days later Google also did an update, they said they were prioritizing high volume network traffic, and this made a lot of the issues disappear.

It then occurred to me that if I connected one of the speakers to an access point with the supplied Ethernet cable, that would create a dedicated Sonosnet network just for the speakers. Luckily one of them was right near a Google access point so that’s what I did, and I have to say, everything has worked perfectly since then. I can wander round the house, adding rooms, switching others off at random, play the same music everywhere or different songs all over, and there is no problem at all.

I hope this helps.
Just so you know :

Google Wifi is a "mesh" network, therefore it has it's own NAT rules. If you have devices on other parts of your network, like directly connected to your routers, these devices won't be able to communicate with those connected to Google WiFi.

The only way to make devices connected to a wired network with those connected to Google Wifi is to use the "bridge" mode of the Google Wifi devices. You will loose all the Google magic but it will allow your wired Sonos devices to be remotely piloted from the WiFi.
Just so you know :

Google Wifi is a "mesh" network, therefore it has it's own NAT rules. If you have devices on other parts of your network, like directly connected to your routers, these devices won't be able to communicate with those connected to Google WiFi.

The only way to make devices connected to a wired network with those connected to Google Wifi is to use the "bridge" mode of the Google Wifi devices. You will loose all the Google magic but it will allow your wired Sonos devices to be remotely piloted from the WiFi.
I am not sure it is correct to say that Sonos requires Google to be in bridge mode (if that is what you are saying). Please see this thread.