Google WiFi and Sonos

  • 14 December 2016
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28 replies

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I'll chime in on this issue. I got my Google Wifi 3 pack yesterday. I did nothing more to my home's setup than replace my single Engadget router and replaced it with the first Google Wifi router then added the additional 2 mesh routers. I then connected my various devices to the new wireless network and none of them could detect the sonos system. I have had my Sonos for a long time so y system is set up with an initial ethernet connection directly from a Sosnos Range Extender (or whatever its called) into a Uverse Gateway made by Pace. From the Sonos Range Extender, I am using the Sonos network to connect out to a Play 5, and two Sonos Connect:Amps. I even tried plugging the the initial ethernet cable directly into the port of the first Google Wifi and also could not connect the system. Its like the routers will not let Sonos talk through the system. Thankfully I am now 100% dependent on the now discontinued Sonos controllers because none of my PCs nor cell phones or tablets that are connected to the network through Google Wifi can see the Sonos system. I may consider returning the Google Wifi but I am going to play with it a little more before I totally give up. Oddly if you look at the Google Wifi app, the sonos players are visible on the network but it will not let the signal through to validate the app. Any suggestions? Also hy did you discontinue the CR100 controllers? I had 3 originally, but over 8 or 9 years I went down to 2,and now down to one. I hate that two died and fear my last one will not make it but another year or two. They were tough little suckers that were waterproof, mostly drop proof, and great for just managing volume and skipping forward and back.
Thanks, Ryan. I appreciate it. Regards!
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Hi Monte, we don't have anything in particular that we're tracking right now regarding Google WiFi. As with any wireless network, you'll need to make sure it isn't interfering with the Sonos wireless channel if you have a Sonos device wired to the network.

Also, if your players are all wireless to the router, you'll need to wire one in to the new Google WiFi to change the wireless credentials. More details here on if you're changing your router.