Google Wi-Fi: music playback issue on wireless zones

  • 11 March 2017
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I've read through a bunch of other posts on Google Wi-Fi but I haven't seen this issue reported, just general connectivity issues...

I "upgraded" my network to use a Google Wi-Fi device + my own cable modem. My previous setup was working fine but wanted to save on the cable modem rental, was also hoping for better Wi-Fi coverage in my home.

Initial setup was fine, although I did have to re-boot and re-add all my wireless players. Now I have the following issue: when streaming from Google Play Music my wireless players drop audio after a few seconds. I get the error "Unable to play , connection was lost". Wired players are fine. Pandora is fine. I've tried the following:
1. Disable SonosNet and connect directly to Wi-Fi.
2. Switch wireless channels on all wireless players. Tried all three options: 1, 6, 11
3. Use a network switch between the Google Wi-Fi and wired player (was using the player as my switch for other parts of the network).

None of these things helped.

The other data point is that I'm running all 1st generation ZP100s (cause I helped make them :))

Any other suggestions on things to try? Sadly, if I can't this set up working I'm going to have to go back to my previous configuration.

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1 reply

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Hey Sharrow - Welcome to the community. For an issue like this, we'll want to start by getting a diagnostic from your system. Just let us know the confirmation number by posting it here.