Google Play Music - Genre Album List Truncated

All the controllers I use - iOS, Android, and macOS - there's a bug when accessing a Genre from my Music Library in Google Play Music. Each genre with a lot of albums in it is truncated, only showing the first 75 albums alphabetically by album. Steps to recreate:

1. Select Google Play Music from Music Source List
2. Select Music Library
3. Select Genres
4. Select a Genre with many albums in it - I have several with hundreds
5. Notice the Genre will not show you all of its albums.

Is there a better place for me to submit bugs? I also have some feature requests. 😉

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New Sonos user here. Unfortunately I am having the same issue. I tried searching the google site and no luck, anyone find anything out about this?
The implementation is a joint effort between Google and Sonos. Without knowing which side is responsible for this particular function, I imagine letting both sides know about the issue would be the first step towards resolution. In the pat Google seems more responsive to petitioning within their own support system rather than reacting to posts here. Try starting with the search of their help forums here:
I'm having this same issue with the Google Play Music from the Music Source List on Sonos, however, the "truncated issue" is occurring under the Albums listed under "Artist" for artists with a lot of albums. For example, there is a total of 61 Albums listed under the Allman Brothers Band in the "Artist" tab while there are 382 Allman Brothers Band Albums listed under the "Albums" tab in Google Play Music on Sonos. I contacted Sonos support by phone and they have no solution or recommendation to overcome this issue other than indicating they are aware of this Sonos-Google Play issue. All of these Albums were originally added to Google Play Music from my Music Library and were CD's I had uploaded to ITunes over the years. In the web based version of Google Play Music ALL 382 Albums appear correctly under Artist/Allman Brothers Band but not on Sonos (only the first 61 albums appear). Recommendations to address this "truncated" Artist Album List issue?
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Hi Nicomino, welcome to the community. Feel free to post the feature requests, we're always looking for feedback from our users. In regards to the Google Play behavior you saw, would you be able to post a screenshot of the issue?

I'd also like to know if the music you have inside of Google Play was uploaded (for example, an iTunes library) or are these albums you've saved or purchased from Google Play?

Any pictures or details you can provide would be helpful.