Getting S1 back for split system

  • 14 January 2021
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I have been running S1. I added an ARC, so I removed everything from S1 and migrated those components I could to S2. I want to maintain a split system, but when I open the S1 app, I am prompted to “Open Sonos S2 app.” One of the “More options” is to Reset App. Is that what I want? Otherwise, I don’t see how to get back to an S1 environment.

Under S2, I am running a Boost, Arc, and two wireless Play 3s. My incompatible components are two Connect Amps and two wireless Play 5s. I still have the old Bridge that was replaced by the Boost. Can I use the Boost to control both S1 and S2 (I think the answer is no)? Can I add the old Bridge back in? What other solution is there to maintain a split system? Add a second Boost?

Thanks so much so much for any guidance you can give me!


1 reply

No, BOOST and BRIDGE can only be used in one system. You could use BOOST in the S2 system and BRIDGE in S1. Note that BRIDGE is near end of life. You will have both the S1 controller and the S2 controller installed on your phone/pad/computer. Resetting or uninstalling then reinstalling a controller has no long term consequence because, other than a pointer to the system that they usually control, nothing is stored in the controllers.