Garbled Corrupted and Dropped Audio Intermittently

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I'm gonna call it good at this point. Wiring up the Playbar seems to have done the trick. Submitted a diagnostic report in case anyone from Sonos wants to do a stare and compare: 7250836. Hope this helps someone in the future. I'll report back if it happens again with the new configuration.
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SO glad you got it sorted, but would LOVE to hear from Sonos Staff on what they saw in the diagnostics as it really didn't seem something that would be caused by communication challenges... still... glad you have it working
Ditto. thanks for the help/suggestions!
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Hi everyone, sorry for the delay. I just took a look at the diagnostics and though there were a number of things on there, I think the major issue was that when you were on the Sonos channel 6 you were getting a lot of network interference which could cause trouble for any wireless player, including that PLAYBAR.

Channel 11, where it's at now is much better. It doesn't look perfect and I'd normally try to fix it up some more, but since you're wired in now, and not having trouble, we probably don't need to spend time doing that for now.

SHARKB8T is correct in that when all of the units in that home theater setup are wired in, they'll try to use that for communication, though the 5GHz is also used for a bit of chatter to make sure that path is still valid as a backup.

Please let us know if anything else comes up and thanks for helping out everyone! Great work here!