FYI Dropouts seem fixed

  • 16 November 2019
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Living in the woods, my only internet option is HughesNet satellite.  I feed my TVs’ audio into 2 Play-5’s and a Connect.  Frequently the TV audio would drop on one/some/all of the grouped speakers.  Hooking them together with ethernet cable didn’t seem to help.  Last week I couldn’t reached any websites.  Unplugging all the ethernet cables from the Hughes router restore internet connectivity.  Plugging in just the Sonos cable killed it.  Called Sonos CS.  They wanted me to run them a Diagnostic, but couldn’t because plugging in the Sonos cable killed the internet (akin to how to solder a new plug on your soldering iron).  Asked what router I had.  Looked up its specs and were surprised that such a “low end” device worked at all.  Suggested a Netgear Nighthawk,  Got one for $80 at Amazon overnight.  Still have to use the Hughes because it interfaces to the dish equipment, but plugged all my ethernet stuff into the Nighthawk and use its wifi for home devices.  Just plugged new router’s internet cable into the Hughes router and, after power cycling, everything came back to life.  AND the dropouts seem to have disappeared (one day’s usage).   Just an FYI for dropout sufferers.


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1 reply

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Replying to my own post . . .

Of course The Board suggested similar topics.  I should add that I have no Boost; nothing unusual about the new wifi; 17 Sonos units; big 3500 sq ft house, and still no problems.