Fully-wired network: Sonos loses connection to music services, times out submitting diagnostics

  • 2 May 2017
  • 1 reply

Sonos has frequently been losing connection to SoundCloud, Spotify, and even whatever server Sonos diagnostics are getting sent to, on a fully wired network.

When my music stops and I get a notification that Sonos has lost its connection to SoundCloud or Spotify, I immediately try the other service and it doesn't work either. Then I try to submit a diagnostic, and it times out, saying the server isn't responding and to try again later. The controller is wired by ethernet cable to the router. Meanwhile, I can happily play music and movies on my computer or phone, via the same network. Sometimes I get "network speed insufficient" instead of "cannot connect to ____", but either way I can happily play music and/or watch movies from my computer while Sonos is struggling to do anything at all.

This worked fine for a year, and now is an aggravating brick several days of the week. What gives? Most recent successfully sent diagnostic number is: 7354562.

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1 reply

Hi User908689, welcome to the Community and many thanks for the diagnostic.

Would you mind performing a few troubleshooting steps:

While you are playing some music, shake the Ethernet cable that is located between the BRIDGE and your router. If the audio cuts out after 20-30 seconds, then we probably have a malfunctioning cable. You can replace it with any standard round Ethernet cable.

If the audio doesn't stop during the cable shaking test, temporarily move the player over to the other side of the room and test the audio reliability once you've relocated it.

Please let us know how it goes.