Frustrated new user

  • 9 December 2016
  • 4 replies

I just purchased $4k of new Sonos equipment.

Worked fine yesterday. Now, I am able to use a single speaker, and unable to reset my controller/etc

Doesn't seem to be any customer service available? No phone line. No online help? Really?

What is going on?

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4 replies

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The phone number to call Sonos Support can be found at Be patient though... hold times are long, but they're very good and thorough once you reach someone.

However, there are a number of well-experienced users as well as Sonos employees that frequent these forums. The first thing that would be needed is more information about your setup.
- Are all of your Sonos speakers connected to your WiFi, or do you have one or more of them wired to your router?
- Have you tried rebooting all devices on your network, starting with your router, then any wired Sonos devices (if you have any), then any wireless ones, then anything else (computers, phones, tablets, etc.). This will basically refresh everything, allowing your router to start clean, and all devices on your network to re-request their network addresses from the router, ensuring there aren't any conflicts.
- Try submitting a diagnostic through the Sonos controller (this will require at least one speaker to be up and running, and the app is able to communicate with it). Make sure to post the confirmation number here so a Sonos employee can easily find it.

Let's start with that and see where we go from there. 🙂
Hey mutton man... Have you tried rebooting everything? Shut down all your Sonos kit, then your router and all other devices that may be using it. Fire up the router. Once it is completely back up, start reintroducing your gear one piece at a time.
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While I know you are in a troubleshooting mode now, MikeV asked if at least 1 of your speakers is connected to the router. I would suggest that you connect 1 or more anyhow, even if things are working well for you once you get over this hurdle.

Having 1 or more Sonos speakers hardwired will create a separate network called SonosNet. It will give you more stability and range by allowing Sonos speakers to run as a "mesh" network.
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Take a deep breath and tells us all about your setup.

Be sure that the Sonos product you have wired is at least a meter from the router.