Frequently drops - Very frustrating listening experience

  • 4 November 2017
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My Sonos pair of Play:3s and my regular speakers wired from a Connect:AMP keep dropping the signal. I've tried a number of the 'solution' some work temporarily (for a day or two) others not at all. Part of the enjoyment of listening to music comes from anticipation. When listening on my SONOS system, I am instead only anticipating the next dropped signal and it sucks. I submitted a diagnostic. The confirmation number is: 8044395. Any help is appreciated. Right now I feel duped by all the glowing online reviews for this expensive product. I don't think I can ever trust an online review again. They all seem to give the best reviews to the highest bidder.

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1 reply

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Hello there, brampft. Thanks for reaching out to the Community. I was able to pull up the ticket you had worked with Taylor on. I am glad to see things got back to working more reliably. Should you run into any other problems, please feel free to reach back out. We are happy to help.