"Floppy" bass on Play 1

  • 12 January 2017
  • 5 replies

I have had my Play 1 for 6 weeks and all has been well.

However, I now find that the bass sounds very "floppy" and "pops" on the beat. I have tried music and radio all with the same results. I have recalibrated but cannot shift the problem.

I submitted a diagnostic under 6991438 in the hope this might help.

Does anybody have any advice?

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5 replies

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Sonos Sub will help you for better bass and beat dude 🆒
Do you use single Play1 or pair in stereo mode ?
I am happy with my setup and it was working fine until the last few days. It is a single Play1.
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The diagnostic isn't calling out any specific errors on the unit, but it's possible there's a hardware issue that doesn't show up on there. If you turn off Trueplay do you still hear issues? If so, this would probably be best looked at live as there may be a problem with the unit.

I'd suggest that you give us a call on our support line.
Hi Ryan

Yes the problem persists when Truplay is turned off.

What are the options when I ring the support line on Monday?
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They'll help identify if it's a hardware issue and if it's able to be replaced they'll help with that too.