FIX, yes a FIX for Sonos constantly stopping, dropping, and crashing

  • 7 December 2019
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If you are like me you’ve tried literally everything to fix the sporadic stopping, dropping and crashing.  What started innocently enough 1.5 years has progressively gotten worse. I read thousand differnt posts, chats and tried every suggested solution from switching channels to managed switches, unmanaged switches, new cable modems, new mesh router (from Velop to Eero), sonos bridge\no bridge, Sonos net, new cat7 cable everywhere, and so on. And still ZERO IMPROVEMENT. 

I even hired a networking guy to come onsite and troubleshoot. After 4 hours of “tweaking” (moving wifi extenders, etc.) it was better but just two hours after he was gone, I swithced to another playlist and CRASH

Oh, one more point. I play my music from the Sonos app, NOT the music source. and y music source is Spotify, which I suspect is one of the top choices by many readers.

So, here’s my fix...and I know I’m going to get all sorts of pushback on this.  After the networking guy left and sonos “sh#t the bed” AGAIN, I immediately switched over to Apple Music as the source, NOT spotify.

I have been running with Apple Music as my source for three weeks now and I have not had ONE hiccup. Actually I had one about 1.5 weeks ago. I accidentally chose a playlist that was Spotify based playlist and sonos immediately crashed. I mean immediately. My wife both looked at each other I said, “I thought we had it figured out…”

I was frantically trying to figure it out when I realized I accidentally was using Spotify. As soon as I switched over to an Apple Music song, Sonos was immediately cool. Albeit to say I have completely removed Spotify from my sonos sources and life is good. Sonos is working 100% like it’s supposed to work.

I have nothing to gain from this share, I’m just a guy feeling the same PAINS as you for far too long...I hope this finds you some resolution.




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3 replies

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Did you try without the WiFi extenders? Sonos has issues with a lot of them.

Yeah. I ran my network with both velop extenders turned off for nearly a month before swapping out to the eero’s.

My observation is that there was an issue with Spotify at your location. How were you using Spotify? Were you using the Spotify source in a SONOS controller or were you using the Spotify App?

Also, if you were able to run for a month with the extenders turned OFF, why are you using extenders?