Feeling somewhat let-down by Sonos Support

  • 7 November 2016
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Like many other Sonos customers/end users, I am experiencing irregular and momentary sound drop-out from my Playbar home cinema system (Playbar, SUB, two x Play:1s) when watching TV programmes broadcast in Dolby Digital by my Samsung Smart TVs internal tuner and fed to the Playbar by optical cable.

I have been through all of the setup checks requested by Sonos Support including playing a DVD (no sound drop-out issues) and streaming movies from Netflix (no sound drop-out issues even in DD 5.1). The problem just keeps on happening with TV broadcasts.

The Playbar is connected direct to the modem router by network cable so the only wireless connections in the room are to the SUB and the two x Play:1s. Sonos Support agrees with me that the issue does appear to be with the TVs optical output when transmitting TV broadcast in Dolby Digital from the TVs internal tuner. Is that the experience of others with the same issue? Should I be changing the TV or the Soundbar?

I suggested to Sonos Support that I try an HDMI to HDMI ARC adaptor with optical audio extractor so that the audio feed is output by the TVs HDMI ARC port rather than the optical outlet. The response was: "'s definitely worth a try...". However, Sonos Support was not prepared to make any recommendations as to adaptor make or model.

The last comment I have received from Sonos Support is as follows: "It does appear to be the optical output of the TV when using the internal tuner that is causing the drop outs as the issue doesn't occur when the source is the DVD and as you have said your previous Yamaha system was connected via HDMI.

The diagnostic does indeed show errors in the encoded optical signal that the Playbar is receiving.

In terms of providing a workaround, the one you suggested previously of using an HDMI to HDMI ARC adapter with the optical output, could resolve the issue, however unfortunately I can't guarantee it. It's entirely up to you as to how to proceed forward."

Brilliant!! Not ideal when you have spent £1500 + on Sonos kit.

Are there any Sonos users out there who have experienced and cured similar Playbar sound drop-out issues? Feedback, comments and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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15 replies

As they can clearly see errors in the stream from the TV have you spoken to Samsung technical support to see what they have to say as the issue is clearly with the TV.
Your not the only one, audio drops every few minutes. No solution for my system, parents have exact same setup with no issues including the tv. Ready to ditch the sonos and go to a different setup
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Hello Five5six, sorry to hear that you are having this issue. Can you please submit a diagnostic of the system and respond with the confirmation number? I am sure we can offer some advice. Thanks in advance for your response.
6724627, can you see all the other diagnostics sent previously once in the system
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They can't recommend a specific brand of HDMI/Optical because it makes them responsible for supporting it - "Well, you SAID it would work!"

You don't need to replace the TV nor the Playbar. Just get yourself an extractor

Read the second review
Ordered it, thanks for your help hopefully this fixes it
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Thanks for the diagnostics. To answer your query, yes, we can view previous diagnostics and retrieve them from our database, though it is always more convenient and helpful if we are provided with the confirmation numbers. I can see no issues on the diagnostics provided, were they captured within 2 minutes of the issue having occurred?
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Hello all sorry we have to meet like this :(
I have this problem while watching sky movies in 5.1 mode , the sound drops out random for split second.
I've had my soundbar for a while now never had a problem its connected to my router with an Ethernet cable
But the other week I added the sub and pair play:1 and now get this sound problem
I tried changing the wireless channel on my router and also the sonosnet channel but no luck
It seems to happen alot on the sky select movie channel
My TV will pass 5.1 Sony 46KDL905a , but my sky box doesn't have an optical in so I can't test it that way.
I've read abou this problem quite alot since the 2 weeks I've had it and tried everything changing tv settings router
Couple of questions, Swampy,

How is your Playbar connected to your TV? Is it using the optical out from the TV? You mention that it's connected via ethernet cable to your router, but I'm curious as to how it's getting the signal from the TV.

Have you set your Sky Select device to only output in Dolby Digital? While you've indicated "this sound problem", you didn't say what it was, so I'm guessing here.

You also may need to look at the audio settings in your Sony TV, to ensure that it is passing Dolby Digital out through the optical port. While it may "pass" Dolby Digital", it may need to be turned on. If your Sky device (cable, I'm assuming, I'm a Yank) is passing some other signal, it's possible that what your Sony is passing through isn't correct. So you need to check both, the Sky box and the TV set, to be certain that they're both set to Dolby Digital, and nothing else.

Let us know if that doesn't clear it up. There's a lot of smart people on this board who like to help.
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Hi Thanks

The soundbar is connected to TV with an optical cable

I have the Playbar hardwired to my router with a internet cable ( The router about 2 metres away from the playbar

Yes my Sat box is set to to send the 5.1 ,
The sonos app says
"about my sonos system" playing 5.1
Audio In: Dolby Digital 5.1
WM: 0
The sub and surrounds all say
WM:0 sonosnet

I tried all the settings in my tv but no luck 😞 If i set it in stereo mode Pcm Its fine but the sound quality is much better in 5.1 mode 😞
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It just happened then
I sent Submit a Diagnostics if it helps , I changed the sononet channel to 1 today and have had quite a few drop outs so I'm going to change channels again
Your confirmation number is: 6727942.
Ah, we are talking about dropouts, then, not complete lack of sound, that wasn't clear from your first post. And I'm delighted that you've confirmed that you've looked at all devices to ensure that they're sending the TV a Dolby Digital signal.

Since you're obviously using Sonosnet, and you've provided a diagnostic number, I'm going to let someone from Sonos respond.

Now if I were a betting man, I'd say you've got some interference on channel 1, so I'd change that to either 6 or 11, and I'd also look for other radio emitting devices such as phones, baby monitors, or web cams near the speakers that are dropping out.

But my guesses aren't nearly as valuable as the information that you'll get from a Sonos Rep, who will be able to look at the log file you've submitted, and give you much more accurate information and suggestions.

I wish you the best of luck!
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Changed to sononet channel 11 and still getting drop outs in sound

Submitted another diag when using channel 11
Your confirmation number is: 6728716.

And thank you Airgetlam for your time
As semi-endorsed by Sonos (see the very first question in this post), I replaced the optical audio feed from TV to Playbar with an HDMI to HDMI ARC adaptor with optical audio extractor. The adaptor takes the audio feed direct from the TV's HDMI ARC connection and delivers it by Toslink cable to the Playbar. So, there is no optical connection direct from TV to Playbar. The audio is delivered by the TV's HDMI audio return channel and then converted to optical audio which is sent to the Playbar. The issue I am trying to resolve is the momentary and irregular audio drop-outs which were occurring when watching Dolby Digital broadcasts using the TVs internal tuner. The bad news is that the change of method of audio delivery from TV to Playbar has not stopped audio drop-out so if it is the TV at fault, as Sonos has implied, then the fault appears to lie in both the optical and HDMI outputs. Is this likely or possible? Are there any other Sonos users out there who have experienced and overcome similar sound drop-outs? I am at a loss to know what to try next. Sonos points the finger at the TV but could it possibly be the Playbar at fault? One similarity between the audio drop-outs produced by the two audio delivery methods is that they have all occurred when the TV and Soundbar have been on for at least two hours. Any answers out there?