Favorites became corrupted in Sonos using Deezer

Recently I have found that the favorites list in Sonos has become corrupted with a subset of the song list recurring multiple times and I have not been able to clear this. I am using Deezer as my music provider and the favorite playlist there is fine, the problem exists on both my S1 and S2 equipment.

So far I have tried :-

1.Changing my Deezer password and reconnecting to the service and

2.Rebooting my router and all of my Sonos units 

All to no avail, any suggestions gratefully received

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By ‘favourites list’ do you mean the contents of the My Sonos tab? If so, try resetting the controller app (Settings/App Preferences/Reset App). When the app is restarted, tell it to connect to an existing system.

Thanks for your response.

I mean when I go to Deezer Favorites in the Sonos App I get this corrupted Playlist, but if I go to th Deezer app and look its fine. It’s as though the corrupted list is stuck as a file in the Sonos system and it can@t retrieve afresh one from Deezer.



Ah, you mean the ‘Favorite Tracks’ list? That ought to be fetched dynamically from Deezer. 

I think you’d better submit a system diagnostic and post the reference number. There might be something useful in the internal logs. Sonos Support staff would need to take a look.