Extreme differences in volume

  • 8 December 2019
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Since a couple of weeks I have a Sonos Beam; after some initial troubles (wifi module broken) I have a new version now, unfortunately with a new problem.


The beam is connected via e-ARC on my Sony Android television. Whenever I switch between sources (either cable box, mediaplayer, youtube, etc.) the volume differences are extreme. For instance for Youtube a volume setting of 15 is more than enough, but cable TV needs to go to +30.

Anybody any suggestion on how to resolve this?

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4 replies

I’m not sure this is easily resolvable. I have a cable tv box and its volume varies between different channels and its own built-in apps. So I’m not convinced it’s just a Sonos issue, as I experienced the same issue with my previous 'Sony’ Home Theatre System. It seems to be an industry-wide problem.

I think the manufacturers ought get together and perhaps produce some kind of agreed standard for the audio volume level for home-consumer TV products, as the audio levels do appear to vary a fair bit between some devices.  

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Just to clarify: the Bema does not use the “e”-part in e-ARC. Beam is ARC.

FWIW.. The Beam will connect to either the TV’s ARC or eARC ports, as the latter ‘eARC’ standard is backward compatible.

Some TV’s I have seen have a software setting to switch between ARC and eARC and in my own recent test I found the Beam will work on either setting, but I assume the handshake remains at ARC. 

I'm connected via an eARC, the only available ARC HDMI port, on a Sony KD65ZF9.


Can't seem to find anything in the settings.