Existing Sonos speakers were never added to client's house setup: How do I do this?

  • 9 February 2017
  • 12 replies

A previous employee left a set of Sonos ceiling speakers in the client's room unconnected to his Sonos setup. Every other room is connected but this one. How do I get these speakers integrated into the system? And I apologize but I don't know the hardware well enough to tell you what the client's system consists of, but he probably started with Sonos when it first came out is my guess and has added/modified as time went on to stay up-to-date.

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12 replies

Just do a factory reset on those speakers, then add them as if they were new.


That way, you clear out any old data that may have been associated with those speakers, and register them to the client's account, and integrate them properly with the current setup.
You know, something just struck me.....it's possible if they weren't connected for a long time that they won't be able to be updated to the latest firmware via a wifi connection, i.e. the over the air update process will fail. This can be fixed by attaching them with an ethernet cable to the client's router, for the length of time it takes to update them. Once that's done, the ethernet cable can be removed and they can run wirelessly.

Obviously I'm making an assumption that they're not currently wired with ethernet. And since you said they were in the ceiling, it may be problematic. If you can, there's no reason not to pull them down from the ceiling and plug them in near the router long enough to update them, and then reinstall them in the ceiling.

Not sure how far back in terms of time this problem manifests itself, so you may not run into this at all. But if you do run into a failure in trying to update them, at least you've got some extra knowledge to help 🙂
Thanks for your replies. Right now I am looking at speakers in the ceiling with no way of knowing what if any kind of connection they have. I just looked in the back of the rack where eight Sonos units already are and I can't see anything related to those speakers anywhere. For all I know, they could just be speaker covers with no speakers! I will investigate more. There is a possibility that we still have connections to the original local install vendor. Thanks again for your help. ;~)
Heh. Happy to help!

Hard to see inside the ceiling, I suspect, but when you pop it open, you'll either see 2 wires (ethernet and power) or just one (power). That'll tell you. And you're going to have to pop it open anyway, to reset those speakers and add them to the existing system.

Not sure how I feel about Sonos speakers as a ceiling speaker. Seems like an odd thing to do, placing them inside an enclosure. If I was going to go with ceiling speakers, I'd get a Connect:Amp and some speakers specifically designed for installation in a ceiling, rather than putting some Play:x's in there.
These go pretty far back in time, and since they are inside the ceiling there's no telling what speakers they actually are. Client refurbed a house within the last two years, put in more ceiling speakers (Sonos?) but after the fact I was asked to shop for "better" speakers (but the sound quality is more the result of the room, not the speakers). The reason the speakers are in the ceiling in the first place is he doesn't want to see them out anywhere in the room. That certainly limits your options! So we'll find out what's going on with these. Thanks again.
Ah, well, then, if there's a possibility that they're not Sonos Play:x's, then you've got another thing coming. If that's actually the fact, you'll need to find the other end of the cable run, and figure out what amp they're plugged in to. If it's a Sonos Connect:Amp, then you would need to do the factory reset on that. If they're connected to a normal amplifier, you'll need to figure out a way to get the amp connected to a Connect, or blow away the amplifier and just use a Connect:Amp.

Sounds like a fun time for you. 🙂
Main problem is, I don't see that they are connected at all. Everything else is factory Sonos, so I assume they are either Sonos speakers or there's no speakers there and they just decided to not include the room for whatever reason. Either way there are no cable runs for that room to be had in the rack where all the other rooms' Sonos units are. Looks like next week the vendor will be here doing some Control4 stuff here so we'll get them to finish the job. Can't wait to find out what's in those holes!
This is way outside my expertise but I have heard of incompatibility issues between Control 4 and Sonos. I think you ought to research those before putting the two together.
Yep, I'd agree with John B. There are a couple of threads regarding Control 4 and compatibility here on these boards. Certainly recommended reading. And all of this is outside my expertise :)

Seems like a lot of oddness in this home, especially with no cable runs for those ceiling spaces. Keep us posted as to what you find inside those holes, it will be interesting!
Actually Control4 and Sonos have been working fine together on another property so I think that's why they are putting it in this same property; no issues that I'm aware of.
Control4 works great with Sonos using the older driver developed by Extra Vegetables. As long as you stick with that you should have no problems.
I will pass that wisdom along, u-s-mike, thank you! Extra Vegetables. As long as it's peas and mushrooms I'm cool with it.