Everything was fine (WiFi?)

  • 11 March 2019
  • 4 replies

Everything was fine then recently the whole thing just fell apart.

The option to play to certain speakers in Spotify would disappear intermitently so I thought I'd be clever and try to refresh/reset everything now I can't set up any of my speakers via any method, I even tried through an Ethernet Cable.

It seems odd, perhaps it's my wifi? it seems unlikely that all of my speakers would become faulty at the same time. My wifi seems to function via via my iPad, iPhone, laptop etc.

Has anyone got any thoughts or ideas?

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4 replies

Have you tried a reboot of your Apple TV and your iPhone? I'm not really as much an Apple fixer as I am a Sonos fixer, less things to think about. But the last time I had an AirPlay 2 issue on my phone, a full power cycle of the phone fixed it.
All fixed now by changing router settings to 2.4. However my airplay no longer works from my Apple TV or iPhone XS Max, all apps and OS are up to date.

Any ideas what my stop/block airplay? My Sonos One nonlonger appears as a device I can airplay to
OK, color me confused.

Have you factory reset all of your speakers (never, ever a good idea)?

If you connect one speaker to your router, and wait a couple of minutes, do all of your speakers show up in the controller? At this point, they shouldn't be using your wifi at all, but instead the SonosNet network, a parallel wifi set up by the one speaker that you have connected to your router.

How many speakers are we talking about? What version of the Sonos software are you using? What device are you running the controller on? What OS is on that device?
it wont even let me set up one speaker now 😞