Everything disconnected

  • 17 January 2017
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I have a ok size play system. A playbar, sub, two play5 and 4 play1. I went to bed last night and all was working fine, I wake up this morning and all have disappeared off my sonos app except for the playbar. Why and how did this happen? It has never happened before. Now I have to go around and relearn all of them in the system.

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2 replies

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turn off the playbar. Reboot the router. turn on the playbar. See what you get. What device are you using to connect to the Sonos system. Have you tried other devices. Sometimes firmware update on control device will mess up its connectivity to the network. You could try going into wifi settings for your control device and forget your home network. Do that before rebooting router and then when router reboots add back the wifi to your device.

Now it won't let me re-connect anything. Wtf! Seriously I understand glitches happen but this hasn't happened to anyone?

All speakers were working fine when I went to bed then I wake up and it only show the playbar still in the system. I'm guessing because the playbar has the Ethernet cable to it. Internet connection is 50-60mb from time warner.