Error 701 using Spotify

  • 12 January 2019
  • 4 replies

Have 2 Sonos Play 1 speakers. One will work with Spotify, one gets error 701. Swapped locations of the speakers with no change (the speaker that didn't work continued to not work in the new location). Diagnostic submitted, #499538070. Help!

Best answer by Airgetlam 13 January 2019, 00:22

Did you ping Sonos via Twitter or Facebook?
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4 replies

It being Friday night, there's not much coverage in the forums of Sonos folks to read that diagnostic, and I'm not familiar with the 701 error code, so I've got just two simple suggestions.

First, try a simple reboot of your router. Not sure that will help, but it won't hurt. I can't figure out why one would work, and the other not, that's confusing, especially if you've power cycled them by swapping them.

But the second would be to ping Sonos on their Twitter or Facebook arenas, both of which are 24/7. Click on "contact us" at the bottom of this page to get to the links.

Good Luck!
Oh, and what happens if you connect the one that's giving you the error to your router with an ethernet cable?
Thanks for the advice. I connected it to the router, same results (Error 701 for Spotify, works for music off my phone).
Did you ping Sonos via Twitter or Facebook?


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